Wednesday, October 14, 2009

768 - HE lets me be real even when some won't!

Oh Father - there is so much power in confession and so much redemption in Your Word. Once again you have worked a wonder in my heart and thru your word encouraged me in such a way that I am only let to say - MIRACLE!! it is incredible!!

God only you allow me to be real! I mean so often I do have friends that take me just as I am (Courtney, Melissa G, Val, Patricia, TJ, etc!!), but even yesterday in my prayer to You about my struggles I got an email from a well meaning person "encouraging" me to not be so real on the blog as it might cause another to stumble or walk away from the faith. I thought "walk away from the faith" was a bit strong!!!!!!!!

Lord, I have to be true to my walk with you and if i struggle, which i do, i cannot hide it. Satan wants me to hide it and act like I am always 100% happy, pleased, content, and in His perfect will! I am not!!!!!!! Lord, i am so thankful that you know my heart!! U know me better than I know me and for that i am so thankful!!

This morning you led me to Ps. 67 in such a way as to implore me to keep pressing forward and sharing in every way - even thru the bad - how wonderful and redemptive You are!!! I will Lord!! "May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face shine upon us, that your ways may be know on earth, your salvation among all nations." "May the nations be glad and sing for joy!"

Oh Father - i thank you!! i still feel rushed in life. I still feel like my kids are getting the brunt end of me right now. I still feel like a chicken with its head cut off - oh BUT!!!!!! i feel your grace and mercy oozing over me!! I feel your love and hugs squeezing me tightly!! That is only you!!! Thank you for allowing me to be real!! Truly I love you Lord!!! Off to work and then on to Carbondale, Il. for a tennis meeting!!

I love you!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your REALNESS.

It allows me to know that there are others who are walking the walk but don't always get it 100%.

Keep it up, girlfriend!


Norma Bowers said...

Hey Leigh, the realities of being a Christian in the struggles and failures are what help the rest of us know that we are not alone in those struggles. I am glad that you show us that side of you!

And I really think you are in good company...David did it many times in the Psalms and of course, our loving Father shows us the mistakes and failures of all of the great fathers of the faith so that we know that we aren't the only ones and there is hope for us to come back and serve Him even after a failure.

I love you Leigh and you just keep "being real!"

Toknowhim said...

I love how you share your heart with us... There is freedom in confession.

Love ya

Tami said...

A light cannot shine through a brick wall. When we are transparent, the light of Christ can shine through us.

A brick wall would only complain of the challenges and not share them as confessions to God for a healing touch. You shine with the light of Christ as you are transparent with your challenges AND how you take them to God for healing and direction.

Shine on Sister!!

Joy Trachsel said...


Don't change a thing. Your humble and vulnerable spirit allows you to connect with others!


Valarie said...

Girl, don't even get me started........!

What was Jesus? Was He someone who changed Himself to suit others? Was He unrelateable? Was He (when He was in human flesh) someone other than what His Father made Him to be?

DON'T YOU CHANGE A THING! BE REAL, BE YOURSELF and let me just say this to our Sister who thinks that you could cause someone to walk away from their faith....if Leigh has the power to push someone away from their faith....who was their faith IN, in the first place? I'm just sayin.......

Love you girl!!!

Jahlon Family Blog said...

Never be afraid to be yourself! It's unnatural to be "happy" all the time. It's not the way God created us! Remember that Jesus wept, He was angry, He had all the emotions we had! It's how we handle our emotions that show others how we are different.

(Your friend in Sicily)