Thursday, November 19, 2009

779 - I Totally get it!!

Have you read the stories in the Bible about the lepers? Have you read the stories in the paper or seen in the news about the people in India shunned by their own people because they were of the outcasts caste? I totally get it!!

This past weekend and week we have had the dreaded flu! It has been terrible and something that I never want to go thru again. Yes, I will be first in line to get the vaccination next year no matter what you tell me! I had rather died these last couple of days than to go thru that again!

But how does a leper and flu come together - well, let me tell you!! This flu is no joke and very contagious AND does not need to be spread! I am fully on board with that. But it feels like being shunned when the doctor tells you to stay away from people for 24 hours without fever thing. It feels like being shunned when your hubby won't give you a get better soon kiss. I am not asking to make out! ha It feels like being shunned when you try to isolate yourself in your own house. It feels like you are being shunned when you know others had rather you not send your other children that are well to school. (I have a new perspective now - I had rather them stay as far from this house as long as they can so they don't get it - school, friends, church, etc.) But this is just the flu!!

I have no idea what it feels like to really have a bad disease - or the really bad hospitalizing flu! Would i go visit? Would i minister to them in whatever manner I could? Would I seek to love? OR would i too shun??? We can rationalize our shunning saying that we are just protecting our own family, etc. But having recently felt shunned it makes one feel less than, it makes one feel not loved, it makes one feel that you do know you are better than me....... and yes, i am on medicine! But seriously - have I too made others feel this way for other reasons - I am sooo sure I too am guilty! Oh Lord, help me! I totally get it!

We are finally fever free and ready to conquer the world. Elleigh is home with me and SJ i kept home again. SJ actually went to school yesterday but went to bed right after school cause she was so tired and was still hard to wake up this morning AND got none of her homework done! So we and the little Gray girls will chill today..........maybe in Evansville. Please continue to pray for my momma as she is recovering from surgery! She doesn't do well on pain meds and so will be in pain a bit longer than normal!

Thank you and please go love the unloveable. Please go do what He commands - even if it makes you uncomfortable or even puts you in danger! Go Go Go and DO SOMETHING. (i think that is a new book out.)

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