Thursday, December 10, 2009

785 - What will today bring?

Spent another night in the ICU with my momma waiting on my dad to improve. We have so many questions we want answered or at least the doctor to say we do not know right now! But we have yet to talk to the doctor. There is a mean waiting room "helper" that would not let my kids from 7 hours away go in and see dad. He wanted to see them, but this lady freaked. Yes, i am a bit tender right now, i do realize! She said the only time we make that exception was when the patient was clearly dieing. Well, IOJFSIOAEH (not a nice word in my head), I want them to see him way before that! I understand the rule, but she was so mean! grrrrr!

I am not sure what today will bring. Daddy is still so sleepy and tired. He will still talk to us and have a good conversation, but so tired. They have to arouse him completely every hour to check all his vitals. I am sure that makes him so tired even if he hadn't had a stroke. At 4am yesterday he was very confused and so they took him down for another CT scan. it showed more more bleeding. They checked him again around 2pm and there was no change. What all that means we really don't know - CAUSE WE HAVEN'T SEEN THE DOC!!! grrr!

Still i don't know what today will bring. I am so on and off again with tears and hurt. It hurts so bad to see a perfectly healthy man laying there completely helpless. But this I do know -I know who is ushering in the day and holds it under His control. My Lord and Savior.

I sat down yesterday to take a short snooze. I was to go back in to see dad at 10:30pm one more time before the night's end. I prayed as i was dozing off, "Lord wake me so that I can go in and see dad one more time before the night is over." He answered this prayer - He woke me at 10:31! Little prayers He will answer if I take the time to offer them and to notice as well. I don't know what today holds, but I do know Who holds it. Thank you Lord!!

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Angie said...

Praying for your dad and your family Leigh!
Thank you for these updates that let us know how, more specific, we can pray.
Love ya!