Tuesday, December 22, 2009

790 - In the Game

I just knew I would have been awakened by now from this nightmare we all are experiencing with Dad. But no, I still talk to mom periodically each day hoping he has just gotten up from the bed, gathered his things, and walked out of the hospital. So far it just has not happened.

A quick update on how he and mom are doing... I left on Friday and dad was still so tired. He still has his nights and days mixed up and that alone is really causing some trouble with therapy. Literally he can not stay awake for much of anything. They still have not seen much movement in his left side. I do know that he was experiencing some headaches and that is not a good thing. At times that can mean that the swelling or bleeding in his head has increased. But it can also just be headaches - we will consult the doctor on that today.

Mom and dad are so busy trying to do everything - they keep you so busy there that it is impossible to see any visitors until after 3pm at the earliest. On top of all that mom has her own therapy to go to for her arm. I wish there was some way she could get that therapy at dad's hospital. One thing I know you can be praying for - we are pretty sure dad has moved into the anger stage of the grieving process. This is completely normal - there has kind of like been a death of his left side or death of his old life! Don't really know the words to describe how this stage presents itself because my dad has never been much of a talker, but right now it seems even less than normal. Just pray for him to get through this stage and the other stages so that real improvement will have opportunity to blossom. Pray for joy and encouragement and those caring for him.

Clay, my husband, and I were talking the other night. Everyone in my town knew about my parents being incredible athletes and still no one can believe I have had to report this as a prayer request - me either! Then my FB friend Sallye asked me after quite a few life changing events that have happened lately including dad's stroke - how has this impacted me - what have i personally learned. Clay said it best as I could not find the words!

Clay likens many things to sports when he is teaching at church. He said that life is like a basketball game. God knows exactly how many minutes we are going to be asked to play. He knows our strengths and weaknesses and how we can best be used to help the team. He knows when to take us out if we get in foul trouble and He knows when to put us in even if for certain short purpose. God, the greatest coach of all, knows how to do for the best and for your best. It may seem at times like one has been forgotten, but it is all for our good and always His greater glory.

The real question is - when He puts you in, are you playing with all your heart? While you are on the court can He trust you to do the things He has taught you for the team's greater purpose? Will you be faithful to play fair and refrain from any stupid fouls? What happens when God changes your position?

We are all in the game! But now for my dad's his position has changed. He got hurt in the game and now has been sidelined for an extended time. I can remember a time in Charlotte, NC when I get deeply hurt by some people at my old church. I asked the Lord's permission to take me out of the game for a brief time. I knew I was called into ministry, but I needed a time out or break so that I could heal. God was so kind to grant me that break and did put me back in. My position changed and even my location - Carmi, Il. For a time it even seemed like He put me in a different game, tennis, because I didn't have an teammates!

But the question I am asking myself and hopefully you will too - while you are in the game, how are you doing? Do you "do everything with all your heart as working for Lord and not man"? Can you see that He means you no harm, "His plans are to prosper you not to harm you"? Can you be faithful to the task He has assigned you to - what if you are the water boy and not the lead scorer? What happens when He takes you out?

What is your game like? What is your attitude in the game like? Is He pleased?

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