Thursday, December 24, 2009

791 - It's Just Too Soon

Lord Jesus, the house is all quiet and the stockings are hung with care and yes, we are hoping Santa will be coming by tonight!! But as I sit here and not have to serve anyone and can just enjoy the silence I get to thinking.
The Christmas story is one of my favorites of the Biblical events. For many reason, but I just love how God totally outdid Himself and yet so much of the world just doesn't get it! So sad, but for those of us that do "get it", it is exciting and breath taking as well.

The part of the story I have been reliving in my mind this Christmas season is the long trip to Bethlehem. As told in the scriptures of Luke, Joseph and Mary had to go be counted for the census. And because they were such upstanding citizens, they did as they were told and expected. (Isn't it odd that today I think many of us, because of the entitlement syndrome our culture has adopted, would have told the government they can just wait. I think many of us would have said that we were busy and this was not a good time. This is the mentality when it comes to many paying taxes and i think this situation would have been no different.)

But as the couple was walking along this long, long journey I can hear a couple of dialogues between the two.
"Joseph, we really need to be getting there. I don't know if I am going to make it all the way. I think this baby is getting ready to come." And then Joseph replying as if he had been pregnant before, "Honey, it is way too soon. You can't be ready yet. You are just gonna have to hold off a bit longer. It is just too soon."

I wonder if they talked about her getting impregnated by the Holy Spirit along the journey? "Babe, it's too soon?? Yes, that is the same thing I told the angel when it appeared to me - It's too soon. I am just a young girl and I have yet to be with a man, PLUS married! It is too soon!" Mary tried to rationalize her way out.

After Jesus was born and the story got out I am sure that was the same comment from many disbelieving Jews. "It is too soon. He was gonna come as a King. This can't be real or the truth. It is way too soon."

Have you ever said, "It's too soon?" It may be for great triumph and accomplishment or usually we think of something being to soon as in a negative sense. A prized tennis player can have an incredible talent and be ready for the pros, but the coach may think it is a bit too soon for whatever reason. I wonder if Miley Cyrus's parents ever thought it was too soon - I think not. What about getting ready for that special date and he arrives 15 minutes early?? That is too soon especially if you don't have your face on yet!!

If we are really going to trust the Lord and take whatever He brings, even if it seems too soon, we need to get away from questioning His timing. "It is too soon" is what I have said over and over about my daddy. It is too soon to be making huge decisions. I still need his wisdom. It is too soon for he and mom to be separated even by a hospital stay. They were suppose to be waking up together for at least 20 more years if i had it my way. It is too soon for me to be feeding my dad. It is too soon for me and brother to be having these conversations? It is too soon for................. it is just too soon!

I would have never predicted this for my Christmas season this year. I would have never asked for this. It is just too soon. But in His gentle way the Lord reminds me that yes, from a human perspective, it is too soon. But from the Heavens, in the glorious plan of the Lord, the plan that may look like to harm, but He means for good, it is not too soon. It does hurt to know this was ordained before the beginning of time and in my anger I sometimes ask why didn't He give me a clue it was coming. Kind of like if I knew it was coming I would have hugged longer at Thanksgiving. I might have asked to go on a walk with Dad or shot some basketball. I would have asked all the financial questions I could muster up. I would have watched he and mom hug and take care of each other as they have always done. It is just too soon!

But Jesus, I do trust you. I do accept this new responsibility. I do know you mean not to harm us at all. I do know from Your perspective it is not too soon. Daddy is still with us and is doing his best to get better every day. I am so thankful for this past 2 weeks. The time spent helping mom and dad is one of my favorite times of my whole life! I may have felt like it came too soon, but i welcomed it with honor and hopefully grace!

God I love you!!! I trust you!!


Julie said...

My father left this earth on Feb. 25, 2009. He was 74 years old. It was too soon. What I would give for one last hug, one last I love you, one last look into His eyes....

Yes, sometimes it all feels too soon.

Joyful said...

Leigh, this resonates in my heart. My daddy went into the hospital on March 3 of this year after an error was made during day surgery. Being asked to sign DNR forms...watching hospital staff chain and strap my daddy into bed because of behavior induced by incorrect meds...having a security guard placed at daddy's door...seeing him loose so much blood...kidney failure...continued errors in his often I voiced the same is too soon.

We kept praying. Dr's said he would never come home. On October 31st of this year daddy came home. He is doing amazing. Tomorrow we will all celebrate Chrsitmas together. It was too soon to give up hope. It was too soon to stop praying. It was too soon to stop believing in all that God can do.

Praying the Lord will intervene on behalf of your father as well. May you have a blessed Christmas Leigh. Thinking about you and praying for you.