Wednesday, January 27, 2010

801 - The Real Truth

Hey yall - this is straight from the heart as I alluded to yesterday on my FB status.

Have you ever been extremely impacted by something and then when you go to find all the verses, quotes, videos, etc. nothing is anywhere to be found? That is what I am experiencing right now. There was a quote I had found from John Piper talking about that Facebook and Twitter will be evidence of why a lack of time will not be an excuse for prayerlessness. That is not the exact quote, but that is the jest. THEN, I read this really cool article again from Piper. Someone had asked him about whether he really did his own tweeting and something about questioning how they were always the same time of day... Piper answered in an incredible way about how he uses this certain program that automatically puts in all his tweets at certain times, etc. And the end of the article was especially convicting about the use of all these social-networking sites. Oh poooooh - If I could only find the article.

So then the Lord confirmed this morning that I was on the right track and that my vlog was to be posted today after I studied with him this morning..... let me explain.

The bottom line for me is that FB and Twitter, texting, etc. were taking me away from so many things during the day - namely my concentration on Him. It is hard enough with 4 kids, subbing all the time, working in my new job, and sports. But add the constant thoughts of "oh that would be a funny status" or "I will have to remember that for later" or I need to be keeping up with the conversation on twitter............cause I feel left out.... And that is part of what I felt......yes, i know absurd and crazy, I think so too! But it was growing a need in me to be accepted by people and neglecting my acceptance and total fulfillment from being a child of Christ.

"I am with you always...........Most Christians accept this teaching as truth but ignore it in their daily living. The fact that I AM with you always makes every moment of your life meaningful." S. Young from Jesus Calling. Because of this area in my life - I was not aware of His presence very much, but more than anything just ignoring it for the simple fact that I was overtaken and obsessed with another - fb, twitter, etc. It just can't be!

Please take the time to watch this video. I hope you can understand a bit more where my heart is! I love you all - thank you for allowing me to be real and exposed! I am growing and I am sure thankful He has not stopped sifting me! Lifetime process! I love you!


Anonymous said...

Hey friend...

I am at home today with a sick one (missing first day of Bible study -- sigh), but I am with you on this and want to watch this video, but it says it is a private video and won't let me watch.

Let me know, okay?

Love you dearly. Call me...I mean it! I miss you!!!


Kela said...

Whoa!! A step back had been needed in my life. I blogged about that very thing earlier in the week.
I asked God a little while ago to diminish my pull to FB, Twitter and several "nings". He's done it! I can't remember the last time I was on Twitter. My FB status updates are fewer. I do still browse FB several times a day, but nothing like it used to me.
My kids did say the same thing to me. It made me cringe and my very heart ache. That was my wake up call!
I can relate to what you said about caring more for my virtual friends than say, someone in my Sunday school class. I asked God to help me be on the look out for women that I can be face to face with to develop friendships with. I do have some precious virtual friends though :)
I have more to share, but I'll email ya!

I Praise God for your obedience Leigh!
Be blessed!


Anonymous said...

Girl... you are the real deal and I love you for it. Keep listening to Him and holding fast to His truth. This chick is going to be praying for you and supporting you.

I just love ya!

Until we are IRL girlfriends,

dianne - bunny trails said...

AMEN and AMEN!!! Some of this is precisely what my husband and I were discussing last night. I am also hearing from God that I need to not spend so much time in those areas online. I am called to "redeem the time" not fritter it away. God is really dealing with me on some things, too, but I need to step away from this computer just a bit and spend the time with Him to see what He wants of me. But I know that a much lesser presence online is part of it.

God will absolutely bless your obedience. He always does. And the thing to remember about your ministry is that it's HIS ministry and HE will do with it as He chooses. We don't have to (and aren't supposed to) follow the world's model. My husband's business is the perfect example. He does mobile RV service and we live in Colorado. There is not a whole lot of RVing taking place in the winter here. In fact, when in the RV business in the state, you PLAN for winter to be very slow. December was his second highest grossing month since he started this business last May! Every weekend, he looks at the schedule for the upcoming week and it's pretty full. Yet when he talks to the guys at the dealership where he worked before this, they're dead. They don't have much of anything going on. And that's the norm. But he's following God's direction and the Lord is providing for us in ways that make no sense to the world. He has friends who encourage him to go to RV shows and have a booth or do this and that to market himself more. But that's not what God is leading him to. So he doesn't. And God is faithful. I've blogged a couple of the stories of God's provision, but He is absolutely blowing us away with the provision and things He's doing in our lives. It is SO exciting! We both believe that God called him to this business, not as his career, but as God's ministry in his life. It is SO cool. God is SO good.

Sorry for writing a book old book in your comments - guess I should've emailed you. LOL! Anyway, you are on the right track, girl. Be steadfast and press on!

Dianne :D

Victoria said...

I get you! I had to step back entirely in order to get a grasp on it all. Thank you for being real. It made me feel less horrid to know that someone I look to as a shining example of Christ struggles with such nonsense, too! I love you!

Joy said...


thanks for sharing. The Lord was actually speaking to me in a similar way. It hit me one night when I was with a bunch of my Christian friends and we talked "way" to much about facebook. It's like we had nothing to say to one another since we had shared so much already on FB. My last non-ministry post was 6 days ago. I go to post something trivial and I ask myself...."who really cares".

Thanks for the honesty and openness.

I love that about you.


God's Girl said...

Hi there,

This is my first time visiting your blog and so I decided to watch your video. Amen to your decision in following Jesus in being set apart! Your heart of humility is a powerful tool to share God's heart. Thanks for sharing!

Again I say, Amen!

All for Jesus,


Anonymous said...

Hey Leigh
I came across your blog because of your interest in Oswald Chambers.
Just read your blog … couldn’t have hit the nail any better. A few years ago the Lord told me to not turn on my computer until I spent time with Him first. That lasted about a month. October 2009 he told me again. So now I give Him the first fruits of my day. I agree with everything that everyone has said on your blog. If we are not carefull the internet could turn into the enemies weapon of mass destruction.

Be Blessed

Sarah said...

Okay, before I respond:

a) I've been reading you in a reader -- LOVE your new look over here. PRECIOUS.

b) I was watching your video. My daughter thought I was replaying my favorite commercial: Very funny.

Now. Yes, indeed. You speak great wisdom and much that the Lord has spoken to me about -- not about social media per se, but that EVERYTHING I do should point to Him, not me. As much as I am on FB and Twitter, that should all point to Him!

Yes, the "they" about the marketing of a ministry are insistent about where a 'presence' should be -- proud of you for listening to the Lord about what it should all point to!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Shewey doggies (that's southern for that's something!). And for the record, I hear you, I'm shouting my "glory, hallelujahs" from my neck of the words this morning, and sister, I know who the THEY are! Haunting group of people aren't THEY?! As a writer desperately trying to garner the notice of publishers over the past several years, I completely understand where the pressure. I joined twitter months ago; I think I twitted 3 times. Just didn't "get it." As for facebook, I have a two minute limit per day. I put my posts there, along with seeing who else might have put a post up at their blog, etc. Always had perspective about it all.

That being said, there are many other avenues of the "ministry" life that can be extremely addicting for me, and like you, God has quickly laid them out before me and called me to a holier approach to it all.

Jesus Calling and Brother Lawrence are sitting on my nightstand as well. In addition, I just finished Margaret Feinberg's "The Sacred Echo" and have just started Mark Batterson's "In the Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day." Good reading along with the good Book, help me keep focused.

Anyway, all this to say, so glad I popped over here today; haven't been here in ages, but God had me steer in your direction to hear this powerful, passionate plea of your heart.

Keep to it, sister. God is honored by your devotion.

Jeremiah 9:23-24 is one of my favorite verses... it talks about our only worthy boast is the boasting that puts God front and center. I thought about it as you spoke. Oh, if we're going to use our mouths and our pens for anything... let it be for the KINGDOM!

May God's continuing presence in you and love for you be the guiding light that moves you in the promise of a new week!


Sheryl said...

Thanks for sharing from your heart. God has been speaking to me through Rev 2:4-5. He keeps reminding me that I need to repent and return to the FIRST THINGS.


Yankee Mama said...

I love how transparent you are Leigh! I get this post. I am struggling with in this area right now.

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

I just noticed that I never took the time to say thank you for revealing your hearts in your comments!! Hope you are doing well and keeping it real to what HE has called you too!!

Since this day - have you made any changes? have you responded to His call of change - IF that is what HE was asking of you?

Love to hear from you! love much, Leigh