Monday, February 01, 2010

801 - You Rock my World

Happy Birthday Momma!!!

I love you so much and have just been in awe of all you have gone through in the last 8 or so weeks with Dad's stroke. Momma, you have shown me so beautifully and valiantly what it means "through sickness and in health". Not once have you hesitated in Dad's recovery, nor have you skipped a beat. With a completely destroyed shoulder (if i ever get to meet that lady she is gonna get Jesus Name, ha ha) and your own rehab to attend to, you have never lost that fire to see the both of you in whole health!

Momma, I think back to my high school years and my best friend. That was and still is you! I hope that my kids will want to hang out with me the way I wanted to be with you! You always made me feel so strong and supported me on all my decisions. I could tell that you were so proud, but yet did not hesitate to call me out when I was not thinking the best!

Through my first years of college I put you through quite a scare almost getting married and all. I put myself through quite a scare! ha Thank you for praying me through and for all your friends that prayed me through as well. I will never forget complete strangers coming up to me when I would come home and telling me they had lifted me up in prayer! Thank you!

I guess that is a huge part of why I could not keep silent when Dad had his stroke. I do know the power of our Lord when we take things to Him in prayer. And the masses of prayer that went up for you and dad on Dec. 8 and following made a huge impact in where you are today. In the same way the prayers that you and your Bible study friends lifted up on my behalf impacted my life and where i am today! Thank you!

Momma, I so wish we lived closer. You know I would love for you to move right into my own family room! Or at least build a house across the street. But for now the Lord has us at a distance. I do pray that we can be neighbors in heaven! That is much longer anyway than our short time here on earth!

I am so excited to see what the Lord has for you both! I think it is just beginning! Dad going home on Wednesday is just the start!! I read Ps. 18:29 today and thought of you and dad, "With your help I can advance against the troops; with my God I can scale a wall." He is not going to let you down! He is not going to not help! He is not going to let you fall. He is not going to not let you be victorious!! He is on your side and He has you in the palm of His hands, but He has your back too - Is. 58:8! He is all over you and I can see Him so clearly in you as well!

Momma, can say it any better than I love you with all my heart! You are my hero!!

Your big as a horse daughter,

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