Monday, March 29, 2010

820 - I particularly like this season!

Dear Father - I was in Ecc. 3 this morning - you know the scripture made famous by those Bird people - There is a Season, Turn, Turn, Turn...... I think they were the Birds... Anyway, The very first verse says that there is a season for everything. A perfect timing, a way things should be done, and it is not under our control is the jest of the whole book. Well, as I reflect on the year thus far I particularly like the season that the Lord has us in. I say that with caution knowing that the end of 2009 ended very tragically with my dad's stroke. But praise the Lord, he is doing better. He is improving. And my mom is a hero! So much of how they have responded to this stroke, etc. is the reason that I rejoice and am enjoying this season.

My husband teaches a Sunday school class for married adults. It is incredible the way God is using each of the families and how God has brought each one in our class. Clay is just an incredible teacher and has such a way of allowing the Spirit to freely reign in there and is not intimidated at all by those that speak up in agreement or not! It is such a free class!! I love it and I love the people that the Lord has allowed us to get to know!

My church's youth program and children is just exploding! We now have both a Director of Children's Ministries and a Youth Pastor in place and it is awesome!! Ronda does an incredible job and Chris is so impressive. They both are so thoughtful and prayerful. I have never met more organized people that are truly seeking the Lord for the good of others completely!! I love it and want to help in any way I can!! My kids love it and even Tucker is inviting kids to the youth group! The fight to get the kids to church that was creeping in is slowly diminishing and enthusiasm has been replaced!! I love it!

I have been asked to help out with some women stuff at the church. I cant wait until we really get rolling with that! It is exciting to see the team God is placing together! I think our first real togetherness outing will be to see Beth Moore in St. Louis! I cant wait! After Spring Break I am gonna head out to the BCH and teach a short 6 week study to the girls. It is an honor to get to be part of their lives for a short time. I am hoping to make some neat connections and really pour into their lives. It will be such a blessing!

Tucker had his Boys vs. Girls Bash on Saturday night for his 12th birthday! It was a complete blast and great exercise too! I love those kids!! I have posted some pictures on my Facebook of the night!! I will tag the photos soon!

The event on Friday in Huntingdon, Tn. was AWESOME!!!! God was preciously there and so very, very present!!! This was the event that I received no less than 15 to 20 cards and emails telling me and asking me how they can pray for me and for the event!!! The leader, Mrs. Lois, was most humble and appreciative of her helpers. Constantly making it known that none could have happened without them!!! I didn't even know she was the preacher's wife of this mega church until just a few days before!! It was not about her or me or anything other than ministering to the ladies coming and making the Lord feel so welcomed and honored!!! I am not part of many things run like that!!! A complete honor for me!! Pictures on Facebook for that night too!

I like this season. I like it most because I just seem to wake up, spend time with Him, and not hold tightly to what I want things to turn out as!! Just kind of keeping my palms up and asking Him to ready me for the day!!! Jesus Calling said this morning, "A life lived close to me is not complicated or cluttered. When your focus is on My Presence, many things that once troubled you lose their power over you." I love it and am thankfully living that right now!! Nothing I have done has made things the way they are right now. It is a beautiful season and I am thankful to notice it and enjoy it!!! Why - because of Him!! Seasons will change, but I pray I can still see His Beauty always!!! I love you Father - I am off to work!!


Melissa said...

I love this season too. God is doing some cool things in our church and in my marriage and in opening doors that I thought He may have closed for good! I am ready to obey more than ever before and I am not caught up in holding onto things too tight. It is a LOT more fun to see where He will take you if you will just walk through the doors that He opens and you don't shove them open yourself. I want Caroline to have more friends so I need to do a better job of inviting kids over. I've never been too good at that! God's still working on me. I know He will provide. He's faithful in EVERY single area!

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

Lissa Lissa - I am so excited for HGBC too!!! Even from Corn Country I can't wait to see what He is gonna do!! Sounds like lots of stuff has already started!!

Are you gonna go on the trip to Virginia with One Voice? I wasn't sure if all yall are going or if just some of you or what. I sure do hope you are!!! Yes, I'm beggin!

Could I write a book on forcing doors open "in Jesus Name" of course or what.......... holy cow - I been there done that and got the spankin marks to prove it!! Ouch!! Hopefully I can remember that when i begin to go down that road again!

I love you sweet sister!! I miss you tons!!

Mary Lynn said...

The Jesus Calling quote- Where did you find it? I did a search in Bible Gateway and couldn't locate it. That really speaks to me today big time!
Mary Lynn

Leigh said...

Mary Lynn - Jesus Calling is a book. Go to Amazon and yI am sure you can find it there or your local bookstore... It is awesome. There is another one called God Calling! Good too! Hope you can find it. If not, let me know and I can send you one of my extras. I keep them around to give to others! They are wonderful!