Monday, April 12, 2010

823 - Trust is a fork

Dear Lord, What a busy morning and busy week too - and it is only Monday!!! I just read in my devotion that God is asking us to trust Him moment by moment. Trust is not a "I will do it from now and forever more" kind of thing. Trust actually takes some practice and some getting used to. The devotion lead me to Ex. 15:22 - this is where the Israelites were complaining about not having any water. They were exhausted from traveling and had not seen or had any "good" water for about 3 days. Through Moses God moved and provided for the group - millions!

It was then that they really began to trust Him. But as soon as things got hairy again the trust dwindled. Same for you and I. I am good till it gets rough! But as I learned this morning - trust is a fork. You either will or will not trust at each opportunity. A fork in the road - go this way and trust Him or I will go this way and believe in myself to at the very least "help" with the situation!

Life really is moment by moment. No moment is the same, but my God is always the same!

Thank you Father for this Word this morning. I am excited for this week! I start the Bible study out at the Children's Home on Wednesday. Kids start all their practices and track resumes for our lives. Lord, help me to choose YOU moment by moment!! I love you!


Kim said...

Great post today, Leigh. Thanks for reminder.

Lisa Buffaloe said...

Love what you wrote "No moment is the same, but my God is always the same." Amen!!

God bless you!