Tuesday, April 13, 2010

824 - Seriously God - You can trust me!!

This stronghold is a matter of listening to the Spirit and responding immediately! That is what He is asking. If I can come to terms with this situation, let's not sugarcoat it -SIN - and begin to hear Him speak and then respond that would give God more reason to trust me.

I think more times than not we tell people to trust God and He is so trust-worthy, etc. All is true, but I think He is at times sitting back on His throne and saying, "I am have never changed ya'll. Oh course I am trustworthy!! But why don't you take a look at yourselves and make sure that I can trust you!!" Do we live our lives in such manner that we are trustworthy. Oh yes, we make sure to meet a friend for coffee or lunch. Or the Starbucks people can always trust that you're going to drop by. Or the Subway people can always trust you will be by to say "hello". Our pew friends can always trust that we are going to be at church and even always late, but nevertheless there! Even our neighbors can trust that we will speed out our driveways at the same time for work every morning - we would never be late for work.

But as we sit down in church or as we cry out for His help in the middle of the day or as we bow our heads to say grace, is God thinking "everyone else can trust you, but why can't I trust you to start your day off right. Why can't I trust you to come to me first, why can't I trust you to seek me. I have so many things I want you to do to to further my kingdom and make a hge impact, but can I trust you. I do want to answer your dreams, requests, and bless you immensely, but can I trust you? Are you going to do it in your own power or will you seek me. 2 Chron. 16:9, I am looking for those that I can strengthen, those that are fully committed to me and those that I can trust. Those that will respond when I lead and those that can hear me! Those that are willing to go the extra mile with me and those that are willing to..."

That is what this stronghold is all about. If I were to reveal its specific name, you would laugh and roll your eyes, but just know it is about obedience and trust. If the Lord and I can get over this deal then He will know I am a bit more trustworthy!! If He can know that He can whisper to me in the day and I can actually respond in obedience, then my trust with Him grows.

In Neh. 3:5 it talks about the nobles not putting their shoulders to the work. I never want to be viewed in God's eyes one that would not put my shoulder to the work. I am willing to do the visible things that He allows me to be apart of, but am I willing to do the invisible things He needs me to be apart of - the hard work and changing process He is set before me, the discipline, the refining, the obedience!! Lord, find me trustworthy!

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Karen Hammons said...

Wow. That was such an awesome Word that I needed today. A very convicting post for me. Thank you :)