Saturday, April 17, 2010

828 - I got Donkey Bone!

Posted many moons ago!

Many times we hear too often that we don't have a talent or are not gifted or whatever the excuse may be. But we went to Judges 15 where Samson, with the power of the Holy Spirit, killed a thousand men with a donkey jawbone - yep, you just read that right, a donkey jawbone. He was in a major predicament and the only "gift" he had available, with his hands tied up i might remind you, was a fresh donkey jawbone. Gross, but come on now... He killed others wanting to kill him with a donkey jawbone??? That is what i call using what you got!!

Boy that message spoke to me. I had to repent of my sour attitude i get sometimes when i think about not having a master's degree, or multiple books or even articles published, or whatever... I must pick up the donkey jawbone and use what I've got. With the power of the Holy Spirit God can take me to whatever level He wants me to be at with or without any credentials. If i will "fight" with what i have been given and be faithful for the adventure then He can do it through me. For His glory!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Father for the donkey jawbones you have given me. Thank you for your provisions and Your faithfulness. I love serving You and I love living for You. Help me to remember to not look around at the circumstances and think problem - but opportunity for You to show off and be exalted!! You are great and greatly to be praised!! Love you so!

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