Thursday, April 15, 2010

826 - You Don't Trust Me or Don't Believe Me?

This morning in I Samuel 17 we have the famous story of David and Goliath. But the part we were to focus on was the rejection and taunting the oldest brother gave David. "You are just a kid, you could never do that. Why are you here, we got this covered. Get to your little sheep, dirty boy." It is obvious why this brother is upset. Being the oldest and to passed over for anointing of the kingship was detrimental to him, i suppose. He was not just passed over to the next brother, but to the baby.

Reminds me of the 2 stories......... Joseph and the coat of many colors and Jesus not being accepted in His hometown. Joseph was the young one and given a dream of being in charge and great in the eyes of Israel. The stickler was that it was only a dream, not an individual of great authority telling him and others his upcoming position. And Jesus would try to teach, etc. in His hometown and people would just not have it. My friend Mary Beth - wonderful blogger and friend - made comment just the other day that it could have been because they never saw Jesus as a grown up. Kind of stuck in the "I knew Him back in the day when He was just a kid." Another thing just jolted me as well, that Jesus was doing some teaching at 12. This may have been seen by outsiders, jealous ones, suspicious ones as trying to show out, trying to "be the best" as my kids call it. As David's brother did not trust his heart and motives, others around town may not have trusted Jesus' heart or motives.

I am not sure there is anything worse than having your motives questioned or your intentions tested. The testing actually is fine because hopefully one will see how you stay the course and come out shining true. But for someone to out loud possibly say, "I don't believe you nor do i trust you are doing things for His glory alone" - wow, that is big and hurtful. David rose above, stayed the course, and rode it out. As did of course Jesus, but Joseph as well.

Many, many months ago the Lord laid on me the thing i have called Nehemiah Mission. Where the churches of an area come together and worship and be fed as one. Not getting various people to change churches or anything like that, but just having churches darken the doors of other places creating unity and wholeness in the body of Christ. This vision is not dieing and yet burning even more brightly in my heart for this area - southern Illinois. How cool would it be to take like 4 times a year or 6 times one year going to the Methodist Church, the next time going to the General Baptist, then the Non Denominational, then another, then another. Like i said not getting you to try their new church, but to worship, fellowship, and learn all together just like it will be in heaven. There will be no denominations in heaven. Just us , angels, and the Lord. That way when we see each other out and about there will be more of a unity and sisterhood. There will be a common bond of the Lord and not so much "Oh she is nice, but goes to the freaky church." There will no longer be the thoughts of "what do they really do in there?". Everyone will have been in the churches and seen for themselves - experienced for themselves.

So Lord, how do we do it - no actually when??????? Who will help? Where should we go? How will it be funded? Would you please sell my house so I could help in a big way? Lord, I am ready, willing and excited. I will wait as you need me to. Allow me to see pieces fall into place and confirmations of Your Will. How far do we stretch?? I love you Lord. May you be glorified!


Sheila said...

I have been where you are many times, Leigh.

I find it really hard when you feel that God has laid something on your heart, but it doesn't seem to be going anywhere because no one else is catching the vision. But that doesn't mean it's NOT going anywhere; it just means you can't see.

I'm a speaker, and it seems that people invariably take you more seriously outside your own church than they do inside your church (though at my new church people are great!). But God will always equip you to do what He wants you to do.

And just as these stories remind us of those who were alone, I'm also reminded of Elijah, when he felt down and depressed and alone, and God told him that He had saved 7,000 who hadn't bent the knee. Elijah didn't even know about those 7,000! I like to think there are those that God has reserved to whom He's also given a similar vision! And one day He'll link us up!

Sheila from To Love, Honor and Vacuum

Jireh Ministries Foundation, Inc said...

Great story, and I can relate. I have used the topic that Jesus couldn't preach in his hometown. It was interesting because I was not preaching in my home town, or my home country. It was only after I moved to Uganda to work full time for the Lord that He decided He wanted me to evangelize. From being invited to a few local churches and events He eventually put me on the radio two nights a week preaching the Gospel.
Yes, we sold our house, ended our construction business and gave up nearly everything else we owned. So once the Lord had our commitment there was no turning back!
He continues to ask us for a new level of faith so He can further His plans for us. It is one step at a time on this journey.