Thursday, May 27, 2010

845 - Call It Like It IS!!!

Father, one thing that bothers me about the US and I am sure bothers You even more is that we don't call it like it is most of the time. I totally include myself in this...........manifesto! ha

The US is so richly blessed as a whole. We are a wealthy nation and we are the envy of so many other countries and nations! We talk about being a Christian nation and how God has blessed us immensely. I do believe that. But i find that more times than not it is an attitude that God loves us more and that is the reason for all the success - has nothing to do with the fact that all we pursue is more more more! The attitude has nothing to do with the fact that maybe we have taken our blessedness just a bit too far and gone overboard. We do not call it like it is at times - we call it blessed and never overindulgence!

Where am I going with all this??? Hold on!

The opposite is true as well. As our nation has become to have this terrible downward spiral of economic despair we as Christians are real quick to blame the wickedness of our nation for the devastation. We immediately want to stick it all on the other party....opposite to your views. It as if we are saying - these hard economic times have nothing to do with my own personal sin or overindulgence, it has to be all the sin of everyone else and all the unbelievers in the country. We don't call it like it is or at least could be!

When destruction comes or calamity happens I think is is interesting we are so quick to take no ownership and evaluation of our own lives, we are trigger happy on the lives of the others and place blame elsewhere!

I see this very thing happening in Joel, chapter 1. Joel has watched the nation of Judah get extremely wealthy and do away with God - or at the very least ignore Him and have no need for Him. Joel is warning them of the coming destruction. The devastation is coming not because of all the evil in your nation, not because of all the non-believers, not because of the "other side"...... No, the destruction and devastation is coming because You have devalued God in your lives and have ignored Him in everything you do. You have gotten extremely wealthy and "blessed", but in the process you have forgotten me! He will bring you back!!! He will judge!! And it will not be pretty!

Joel is calling it like it is! Too often we do not give ourselves enough credit for the devastation going on around us. It has to be someone else's fault. I am blessed and so God must love me!! It has nothing to do with the possibility of me ignoring Him and pursuing more of that blessedness!!

We have got to call it like it is and take ownership for our sin! We can not be so quick to blame others. We must repent and seek Him!! Joel 1:7 talks about the protection being stripped away - we as a nation don't ever want to see ourselves in that boat. Let's call it like it is and get before the Lord!!


Wanda said...

True, true, true.

Karen Hammons said...

Amen friend!!! We all need to take a few steps back and look inward. LOVE this post!! We are a nation who never wants to take responsiblity for the choices we make in our lives.

You did good girl!! :)

Sheryl said...

Whew, girl! Steppin' on some toes!

You are so right. There are times when difficulties come in the life of a Christian, but so many times we bring it on ourselves.

God is so concerned with our spiritual life, our relationship with Him, what is best for us...that He will allow things, even orchestrate things into our lives to bring us to the point where we say--"I can't handle this on my own; I need God."

Our need for Him is so great. But, our pride in self is so big. We must rely on Him and take ownership of the things we do that are contrary to His will.