Friday, May 28, 2010

846 - It is easier to just change clothes!

"Rend your hearts not your your garments" Joel 2:13

Just a very quick thought for the weekend. This scripture above has really made me stop and think. The Lord has warned and implored the people through the prophet Joel to please change your hearts in repentance. It was customary in that day to just tear your clothes to signify one was mourning and in deep repentance and even fasting.

God can see through our fashion designs. He wants heart change!! Yes, there can be outward, visible changes made known to everyone, but God is most interested in a heart change.

How about you? Are you changing your outward appearance hoping your heart will follow - I can commend that, but that cannot be the extent of it. Or are you playing the game hoping no one will notice - even the Lord - your heart stinks even if you are all expressive on the outside!!
Lord, help us! Help us to be open to your work on our heart. Do the internal work so that there is an expression externally of Your greatness at work in our lives!! Lord, I cant wait to see this on me!!! I love you - Leigh

Wont be back until Monday or possibly Tuesday. Headed to a family reunion in Nashville, IN.

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Rachel said...

Hey!! I actually just came across your blog from the Seeds of Faith BlogFrog page! I absolutely love your heart, and I'm so excited to be your newest follower so I can keep up w/ it!! I hope y'all have a great weekend in Nashville!!