Wednesday, July 14, 2010

867 - Frozen in Time

Holy Father, you have placed so many awesome God and good things in my life right now that I hardly know which way to turn. You have set my SS class on fire and they have caught the vision of taking care of the "least of these". I am not talking about having a women's retreat or a Bible study or a luncheon or shopping day together, I mean real get your hands dirty and getting after that which He calls us to everyday in the midst of life!

Today is free swim day at our local pool so we are going to provide a lunch to all swimmers and then send them home with a free meal because so many that go swimming on this day will not have dinner possibly. On Aug. 7 we are going to just set up in the local park and offer a free lunch. We will canvas the neighborhood to let them know what we are doing and then hopefully feed a cagillion kids, etc. that most likely will not have eaten or won't had we not been there.

Clay has really been challenging the class to find a place to engage their faith. To find a place one can be fully real and possibly made uncomfortable! Patricia and Vanessa, two moms in our class, have taken the bull by the horns and the Lord is using them directly in their gifting! I LOVE THIS!!!! It is exciting! It is rewarding. And it truly is faith building! What I have found to be one of the most rewarding things is how wonderfully uniting it can be in a marriage! God has a way of making the blessings stretch far and wide into every area of our lives!!

This is not about FBC Carmi. In fact we are going to do everything possible to NOT put our name or slogan anywhere on anything. That is our goal and hopefully others will see the reason behind it! It is all about "don't let the right hand know what the left hand is doing". We want to give out of love and mercy and grace. It has nothing to do with what church we are from or even if you never come to our church! We want you to feel the love of God and sense His plan for your life!

Will we be taken advantage of - heck yes. Who cares. I just want to be caught doing! Doing good for His Name sake! I want to be caught doing because He first loved me. I want to be caught doing out a heart full of faith regardless of ever getting paid back. I want to be caught over giving and risking!! I want to live like Jesus!

Ps. 14:6 "You evildoers frustrate the plans of the poor, but the Lord is their refuge."

Not all the poor children come from families that are on drugs or spend their money foolishly. Not all the children come from families that abuse them! And well actually, it really doesn't matter what the kids come from, they are stuck in the midst of it! It is not their fault and we feel lead to minister to the "least of these". There are many families that find themselves stuck in generational poverty. They want to break the cycle, but don't know how. As the scripture says above something (whomever may be that evildoer) is frustrating them. But we find the Lord is their refuge.

The Lord being their refuge may very well come from a free meal in the park. It may come from clothes for your kids. It may come from a new mentor relationship that has grown over time! The Lord is always our refuge and if I can play a part in helping someone know that I pray I will be available!

Lord - keep pressing us on!! Clear my mind to only think on you and your exaltation!! I follow you Lord - I love you!

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