Wednesday, August 25, 2010

890 - Quick sand had me sinking!

Oh Lord, way too often I try to involve myself! What I mean is that way too often I feel like You require much more action in my walk with You than You actually want. When you say, "BE STILL and know that I am God", You really do mean something about that Be Still part.

You really want me to remain still, do nothing, just wait.

I am a doer and I want to help. At times my motivation is just to please You and nothing else. So in trying to please You I feel like I need to do something...........especially when I am struggling!

It is those times of struggling that I probably should live out Ps. 37:4 more often - Be Still! When I get caught up in sin and can not seem to shake its grip that is when I try to do everything possible to "fix" the situation.

Ps. 25:15 "My eyes are ever on the Lord, for only He will release my feet from the snare."

I ran across this verse this morning in my devotion. A verse with a reminder of what to do and all at the same time a verse with a reminder of what you can't do.

1) What to do - My eyes need to never leave the focus of seeking Him. My eyes need to remained focused on Him. My eyes need to concentrate on the One that controls all and allows breath in my life. I need to be still and watch the Lord work.

2)What you can't do - I can not fix the snare I get myself into. I can not release myself from the pit of sin. I cannot win my own battles. I cannot help out the situation by helping out - Only He can release my feet!

It is like being in quick sand. The more you fight the more dangerous the situation. (No, i have never been in quick sand, but this is what I heard. ha) We need to just wait for help or listen for instruction from ONE that has a better perspective and knows all about the surroundings!

Lord, Jesus, Savior, God - forgive me for my involvement when it is so not needed. There are definitely times you tell me to "do", but I would say too often I move, help, involve, get stuck, etc. and you have asked me to remain. Lord, forgive my jump the gun attitude so often! Thank you for your Word! Thank you for your blessings and You "in controlness". Thank you for the power You posses over all the snares that I get entangled in! God you are amazing and I love you!

Today I am going to work at a little shop in town called Logo Graphics. I LOVE IT! We have ball practice, cheer practice, praise band practice, and church tonight too! Here we go!


Miriam said...

Thank you for the beautiful verse and revelation: My eyes are ever on the Lord for only He will release my feet from the snare. It goes so well with Be still and know that I am God because many traps tighten when the trapped animal struggles. Therefore, we have to remember to look up to the hills from where our help comes from and not at our snares which are stressing us. Even King Jehoshapat in 2 Chronicles said Our eyes are upon You for we do not know what to do when large armies were attacking them and had even captured one of their cities.Therefore, let us learn to keep our eyes on God and Be still and this includes stilling our tongues and not praising the enemy who comes to steal, kill and destroy our lives by complaining about how tough our snares are.

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