Monday, September 20, 2010

901 - Ruined, Overwhelmed...I'm Done

Lord Jesus, how can I ever thank you enough.  The things You do in our lives each and every day drawing us to you - amazing!!  Working with the youth at our church I so often just want to put their lives on pause and so that they can mature and know that serving You is worth it and soooo very much more.  But it is the very life they are going through that enables their walk with you to grow and mature.  So often they can't see the forest for the tree and want to give up!!!  It is then that I want to pause life and advance them to the point where they can rest in knowing God is faithful and trustworthy.  But life must go on.

Lord Jesus, I have seen so many miracles lately and I just don't know if I can contain myself.  Just yesterday I went and spoke at Emmanuel United Methodist Church here in town, in Carmi.  I was briefly telling them how you have interwoven Micah 6:8 all through my life even when I was so unaware of what that verse actually says!  I then went on to tell about the most recent drop in my lap or STMM's lap of Dolly, the infant from Liberia that was born with her intestine on the outside.  At the end of the service the pastor added some completely profound words imploring their congregation to miss going out for dinner on this day and giving to this cause.  I was overwhelmed - I was overcome - I was ruined!!

I could not contain the tears and just wanted to melt into a puddle of gracious exhaust!  Lord, those are your people.  Those are the ones you touched and told to give - they did!!!  Over $2600 was raised in that one day!  Again, my legs got weak and I was floored!!!  I wanted to run around the church singing the hallelujah chorus and at the same time drop to my knees and just be quieted by Your singing over me!  That was it - I could not handle anymore!!

Lord Jesus, thank you thank you thank you!!!  I can not express the thankfulness in my heart to EMUC for their generosity, but also for YOU allowing me to be this messenger and part of the plan to make a difference in this precious child's life.  It matters to this one!!!

I love you Lord - thank you for ruining me with Your Love!!!  I love it!  I'm done!

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