Tuesday, September 21, 2010

902 - Big Stuff Doesn't Always Mean God is There!

Good Morning Lord Jesus - i failed to go to aerobics again this morning...on purpose.  Not that I don't need it, but I just had too many other things to do this morning.  I do miss that kind of exercise, but better time spent right here with You!

My devotion directed me to I Kings 19 this morning.  This is the chapter where God is going to pass by Elijah and speak to him.  I love the first question that the is brought to Elijah, "What are you doing here?"  How many times do I ask myself the same thing too.  Such a rhetorical question for God to ask as well because He absolutely knows why Elijah is standing there.  God knows our actions and the reasons behind them way beyond our understanding.  Cracks me up and many times I will find myself in a place, position, situation and ask the Lord, "What am i doing here?"  Why not ask the one that knows!

On down into the verses is when Elijah looks for the Lord in the wind, earthquake, and fire.  But the Word says about all 3 elements (if you will) "but the Lord was not in..."  Oh yes oh yes, the Lord made it and had His hand in the creation and commanded the movement of the wind, earthquake, and wind, but was not in them.


Too often in life we look for God in the big bad things.  We look for His presence in those that look to be powerful and have it all together - total package.  We have to be so very careful not to put all our eggs in a basket that the Lord may be "not in".

Wind, earthquake, and fire are three things that make you take notice.  And for someone else God could be just displaying His creation and marvelous works.  But for that time the Lord says, "I need to give you instruction, I need to give you direction, I need to show you myself" - don't be so quick to look in the huge obvious things.

The still small voice of the Lord can come in so many forms!

Reading the scripture in your prayer closet and something coming alive!

Listening to a sermon and hearing the Lord convict your heart.

Singing praises and then hearing Him sing over you.

Hearing a child ask for your help or love.

Seeing love displayed in various ways.

Feeding the hungry.

Clothing the naked or unkept.

Providing shelter or help to one not able to do for themselves.

Oh God - may I hear Your still small voice!  May I be patient enough to wait for the big show go by and wait for you to come in and speak.  Jesus, I know so well this is the very thing I struggle with.  I equate size with success and powerful anointing.  I know in my head that is so not true, but I sure do find it hard to adjust in my heart.  Lord, thank you for the way you work.  Remind me so often it is not the way I would always expect.  God, deal with me as You know best.  May your grace and mercy abound!!  I love you!


Toknowhim said...

Long time, no bloggy comment. Just stopping by to say hello today, and tell you that I am glad that things are taking off in your ministry...

May God be brought much glory through you and your ministry...

Since we live relatively close, maybe one day we can meet up... I am sure we would have lots to talk about.


Dori said...

Oh girl, God must be trying to tell His girls something this morning because He had me in the EXACT same passage this morning!! No kidding.

I am finding that more times than not, God is speaking in the still small voice -- the whisper. He's speaking in many, many ways and collectively they add Him to something BIG He wants to get across to me.

Love you dearly and love reconnecting here. I love how He speaks thru you!!

Love and blessings,

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

KIM - let's do it!!!!!! Look at your calendar and get back with me!!! Love love love to!!!

DORI - I will be making my way to Nashville often in the months of Oct. - Dec!!! Gotta gotta gotta get together!!!

Love yall - thanks for encouraging me!!


Anne said...

What a great Devotion and insite. Thanks for sharing. So many times I have to slow myself down and remind myself to hear the still small voice of God. So many times He is right there in the simple things. Your blog is very inspiring.

Anne @ http://lessonsthrulife.com