Tuesday, September 28, 2010

907 - Gargamel, from the Smurfs, doesn't want you to be energized by his unbelieving belief!

Oh Lord, what an exciting yesterday.  Both the boys and girls teams of Carmi Middle School are going to state!!  Our girls, which actually have a chance at winning state, won their final game yesterday pretty easily.  There are so many awesome rockstars on that team it is incredible!  I love to watch them play!  Great group of girls too!

Our boys were not favored to win.  We really were not predicted to even get this far.  They are real young - all the infield are 7th graders except our catcher/pitcher - just depends on where he is playing!  But that one 8th grader, Tyson, pitched an incredibly awesome game.  Even though they were hitting us, we took our turn and hit them as well.  It was so tensely exciting!  Had one good inning and jumped ahead with a 7 run lead, but then they came back.  Finally we jumped ahead again!  For the final inning they about made me throw up by putting my son in as pitcher.  He doesn't throw near as hard as Tyson, is a lefty, and his ball has lots of movement.  I guess the change up that was needed.

Really good batters up and the pressure was on........on me it felt like!!!  Tucker pitched his heart out and the team backed him up with some great plays!  We WON - 14-11.  The team that was suppose to just going to have a "learning year" is going to state!!!  I am so pumped for all these young boys and girls!!

Anyway we are excited! Who knows what the Lord might continue to do through these boys!  and girls!

As directed in my devotion I read Acts5:27-42.  This is a time that Peter and some other apostles were being at the very least jailed for not shutting up about the Lord even after being warned time after time.  Finally it came to a court like decision and the room wanted to have them killed.

A man by the name of Gamaliel, reminds me of Gargamel from the Smurfs, asked that the prisoners be removed from the room for other discussion.  After the guys were taken out he reminded the room of others they had killed and the problem disappeared.  But the others they had killed had nothing to do with the Lord.  This wise man of the Word even though not a believer in our Jesus remembered the days of long ago.  He knew of how God had worked in the past.  He also reminded the room that you may shut them p, but you cannot silence God......and you certainly don't want to found fighting God - He always wins!

There is so many things about this passage that I love and could do into greater detail.
1) I love how the apostles do not back down.  They are willing to die, but still will not quiet down even when in front of those that will and can kill them!!
2) I love the fact that even the unbeliever had heard of the Lord's power and didn't want to mess with that!
3) I love the fact that Gargamel had the apostles removed from the room.  It was like he didn't want the apostles to be energized by the unbelievers belief in God's power.

Lord, this could be a great message brewing for a youth group or a group of youth!  Show me if/where  am to spur on another by Your great Words to live by!!!  Oh Father - may I have the faith that would be willing to die for you!!  I love you Lord!!!

Today I have so much laundry to do.  Elleigh has a dentist appointment and then I will be taking off for the alter sanctuary for prayer!  I love that time!!  I will be ready to hear from you again!

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