Monday, October 18, 2010

910 - Prejudices - do they still occur?

Do you ever wonder if you are prejudice?  If you ever look at a certain people as less than you?  This does not even have to do with skin color, but possibly labeled in another way - adulterer, addict, divorced, poor, etc...  When I just think off the top of my head I tend to lean toward the side that I don't possess any prejudices.  But then in the moment I can see where they do pop up and oh how ugly they are!

This past week had to have been one of the greatest weeks in my life.  The Dorbor family from Liberia stayed a week at my house.  They are an extremely poor, God fearing, gracious, beautiful black family.   They are here for their daughter will have surgery on Thursday to put her intestine back into her abdomen properly.  Speaking Thru Me Ministries has been "in charge" of this adventure and extremely blessed through it all.

In Acts 10:9-28 we find our man Peter confronted with his own prejudices.  God gave him a vision to help dispel his thoughts toward "betterness", if you will, and at first he did not oblige.  God was revealing to Him that the Gospel is for the Jew and Gentile.  Yes, he was called to minister to the Jew, but it was very much for the Gentile as well.  God broke through to him in a profound vision and the use of another man - all of great faith to know where to go without reason and to know to believe and not cast away as just a silly dream!!  (Read the scripture and you will know what I mean.)  Peter was won over by the love of the Lord penetrating his heart and obedience!  Love and obedience are a winning combination!

The Dorbor family said over and over, "My black people will not accept my Baby Grace.  They want us to throw her away because she is not perfect.  But your white people love on her and accept her.  It is so strange to me."

That was such an encouraging thing to hear and made me so proud of "my" people!  We are not always that way, are we?  I wonder how they would have been received if they had no sick baby.  Or what if they were not the poor of the poor that caused ones heart to feel so much sorrow?  What if they were wealthy and all well?  Hmmm?

I have to say and believe with all my heart that even in Carmi they would have still found much love and acceptance.  A town I have heard from various other towns characterized as snobby and to themselves has totally blown their cover!  Carmi took in this sweet family as their own and came out of the woodwork to love and receive them into their lives.  Each family did differently for the Dorbors, but it was always with much grace and mercy and love!  I am forever indebted!

All hours of the night and day would families stop by to see the faith staying with me leaving gifts, money, and supplies!  Stopping by to bless them and leaving with a heart full of blessings!  Dorbors are a family so aware of where they come from and totally fine and grateful for the Lord leading them into a life of suffering!  It amazed us all.  I WILL NEVER be the same!

I ask that you all check your heart for prejudices - I certainly have mine.  We all need the Lord and He wants us to all love unconditionally.  Please be in prayer for the family especially on Thursday as Baby Grace goes in for what I am believing will be her last surgery!

Oh Lord - may I never be the same.  I have so few words to pray as my heart cant find words right now. I never thought I could consider adoption in fear of not being able to love one as my own.  Baby Grace showed me this was not true.  I don't feel the call to adopt, but I do know that I could!  Jesus, I am full!


Wanda said...

Beautiful testimony of love you've shared Leigh. I think most of us would be tempted to say that we are not prejudice. But, I dare to say we all do in some form or another. May the Holy Spirit bring awareness and conviction so that there may be repentance and growth in those areas of our lives. I pray that all goes well with Baby Grace's surgery.

Michele Williams said...

There are many things people can be prejudice about...not just "race" or "religion". I have found prejudice in what people consider "class". Because of certain circumstances, we have moved, living on 1/3 of the income as before and living in a travel trailer full time in an RV campground, and on food stamps and medicare. I have found that family members are ashamed, and people are embarrassed around us. We are still the same people... only our circumstances have changed.

Thank you for your thoughts...

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for following me on blog frog. Since I am hardly on there, sad to say...I wanted to follow your actual blog as well.