Thursday, October 21, 2010

911 - Baby Grace is in surgery - PRAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey everyone - thanks for stopping by.  Today is the day we have prayed and prayed about as a ministry and one that the parents of Baby Grace Dorbor have prayed about as well...........for months!  Today, right now as you read this, Baby Grace is having her intestine placed back into her abdomen the way it is suppose to be - like in you and me.  I know why she was born this way..........For HIS glory and to bring others closer to Him - that is for His glory as well.  As a believer and lover of the Lord, a minister of the gospel and one that seeks Him in many situations, have been changed and challenged!!  I will not be the same, ever!

I didn't do this  on purpose, but my devotion today led me to the scripture below - Pastor David, Baby Grace's dad, favorite book of the Bible.  This is beautiful as it pertains to them!!  My thoughts are in red.  

Isaiah 51:4-8 (The Message)

 4-6"Pay attention, my people. I have not been paying attention - He has been right before me and I could not see.  My eyes are open and I can see clearer now having been with my Liberian friends!  
   Listen to me, nations.
Revelation flows from me. Oh Lord, why do I seek others more often than you for revelation and instruction?  Jesus, keep my mind on you!  
   My decisions light up the world.
My deliverance arrives on the run,
   my salvation right on time. Surgery for Baby Grace was not a minute off - this miracle after miracle is right on time! 
   I'll bring justice to the peoples.  Even in the remote places of Liberia!  
Even faraway islands will look to me
   and take hope in my saving power.
Look up at the skies,
   ponder the earth under your feet. He is so much greater than we know or can even fathom.  
The skies will fade out like smoke,
   the earth will wear out like work pants,
   and the people will die off like flies.
But my salvation will last forever,
   my setting-things-right will never be obsolete. Praising the Lord - big time!!  He will make all things right.  He will make all wrongs right!  He will make sure all is taken care of at just the perfect time.  His salvation is forever and to everyone!!  
 7-8"Listen now, you who know right from wrong,
   you who hold my teaching inside you: Father, help me to live by what you have placed inside of me.  Help me to walk according to your Word.  Help me to hold fast the convictions you have placed in my heart!  
Pay no attention to insults, and when mocked
   don't let it get you down.
Those insults and mockeries are moth-eaten,
   from brains that are termite-ridden, I need to remind my kids of this....often!!  You will be ridiculed and even have your feelings hurt, but once again, HE will make it all right!  
But my setting-things-right lasts,
   my salvation goes on and on and on."  Oh Lord, make it all right for Baby Grace.  Make it all right for her parents that are so concerned for her.  Give them peace and understanding of what she is going thru.  Lord, all that are involved please bless with your peace and mercy.  May the right decisions be made concerning all.  Oh Lord, guide us!  

Jesus, thank you again for this word and thank you again for this opportunity!!  I love you Savior.  Please lead your church to continue to support this endeavor.  It is costing way more than we predicted and funds are getting low.  We have until Dec. 11 to make it!!  Oh Lord, please rise up your generous givers like you have so faithfully done in the past.  Thank you Lord for the way you work in the lives of so many!!!  I love you Father! 

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