Thursday, November 25, 2010

917 - Just plainly thankful!

Woke up early this morning to find another gloomy day!  Lots of blowing rain, cold whipping wind, and darkness.  I am not sure if it is still shot gun season, but I certainly wouldn't want to be out there!  But my heart is full!

As I rolled out of bed my mind went straight to Ps. 100 before my feet hit the ground.  My mind strolled back to 4th grade SS class when we were suppose to memorize this Psalm.  I remember being extremely embarrassed that I didn't fulfill the task.  My parents were even helpers in the class, but for some reason I missed the memo - or didn't care.  I remember now thinking how awful I felt because even the boys that didn't want to be there had it memorized.

I think that began my "never agains".  Never again would I NOT do what was asked by someone in church!  Hate to disappoint and I tried to never again do that!

I went back to that scripture this morning and read it today with fullness and no 4th grade guilt.  I have moved on from that day because of the joy in my heart and the thanksgiving from my mouth!

Check it out - Psalm 100 (The Message)
1-2 On your feet now—applaud God! Bring a gift of laughter,
      sing yourselves into his presence.

 3 Know this: God is God, and God, God.
      He made us; we didn't make him.
      We're his people, his well-tended sheep.

 4 Enter with the password: "Thank you!"
      Make yourselves at home, talking praise.
      Thank him. Worship him.

 5 For God is sheer beauty,
      all-generous in love,
      loyal always and ever.

Isn't that great!!!  I love that version.  

Is there anything that can hinder our praise??  I am glad you asked... These are 4 things that we must pay close attention to as we come to the Throne of Grace.
1) Ignorance
2) Tradition
3) People centered worship
4) Hidden sin

When I think back on this last year I think I am most thankful for the incredible recovery my dad has made from the Dec. 8 stroke and the incredible example of love, devotion, and sacrifice my mom has shown towards my dad, but example of "in sickness and in health" to us all.  

It is overwhelming how good the Lord has been - I am thankful for...
my salvation and the joy of knowing the Lord has saved me from the pit of hell and saves me from myself daily, 
my husband and the way he accepts me, loves, encourages me, makes me laugh until it hurts, and provides for us all, 
my kids that are my joy and crown, they are my life, they are my everything,
my family both near and far, 
my friends that don't try to understand my weirdness, but just love me for me, 
my ministry partners and all that God has allowed us to do thus far,
my church, pastor, and leadership,
home, schools, and this incredibly friendly town,
teachers that push my kids toward excellence,
coaches that see potential and want to bring out the best,
Christmas presents under the tree,
driving around the town to see all the lights and brightness of Hope,
cars, trucks, and SUV's that get me to and fro all year round,
our SS class that has gone above and beyond in putting feet to their faith,
the Holy Scripture that is life to me and discipline as well,
doctors that will heal my ankle so that I no longer walk around in fear,
insurance that will help us make this happen,
my brother that has been so faithful and available to helping my parents out through this time of relearning and acclimation,
Gojo that gives my hubby opportunity to put food on the table, 
swimming pools that will bring lots of kids to the house this summer,
baseball, basketball, and cheerleading events that are so fun to support my kids,
clothes and jewelry,
elliptical machines that will become my best friend once I get to walk again,
stretching clothes that make a growing body feel better, ugh!!!!!!!
hot shower and smell good to put on after,
rain and sunshine,
Olive Garden, Dimaggios, Gottzs, Taco Tierra, Mackies,
friends that meet me for lunch,
places of work ,
cute little salad and sandwich shops,
land to watch wildlife from my back porch,
neighbors that share their butter all the time,
smart phones,
technology that I cant figure out - not!!!
TJ Maxx and Marshall's and Ross when I am in Tenn.,
my momma's green beans and fried green tomatoes,
money for tomorrow,
stocked kitchen, 
flip flops,
people like Vicki Courtney that are helping me to raise my kids,
Beth Moore and her incredible way of helping me to pursue the Lord with everything in me,
indoor plumbing,
basement to send the kids and to seek refuge during a storm,
pizza and card night with friends,
Vandy Children's Hospital,
Delta Airlines,
Ronald McDonald House,
friends from Liberia,
hot cookies,

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