Wednesday, November 24, 2010

916 - Rescue doesn't always mean you won't feel pain!

I learned something really cool this morning in my QT and something that speaks preciousness and peace to my heart!!  Praise you Lord!!

I was reading in Acts 14 the actual account of Paul being stoned, once again and living to tell, in Lystra.  This was Timothy's hometown.  They were praising him for one second and then all of a sudden they changed on him and drugged him out of the city left for dead.  But like a cat, Paul has at least 900 lives.  ha

In 2 Timothy 3 Paul is discussing this incident and a few others and how the Lord rescued him.  Verse 11 at the very end says, "Yet the Lord rescued me from all of them."  That rescued right there in tail end of the verse according to my commentary means to "to draw or snatch from danger".  But it gets cooler - hang with me!!

Sometimes when someone like a ref "rescues" a wrestler from certain death or more pain or at least defeat, or even an animal in a real fight, they are pulled them from the danger and possibly left to mend.  The wounded will either get right back in the fight and get after it again or will just be left to recover.

BUT - this is awesome!!!  You ready - here is comes!!!

This rescued means to "draw to oneself than merely rescuing from someone or something".  Did you get that?  This is saying that in the midst of Paul's many beatings it had been made known to Him that Christ was not just rescuing him from the danger, but drawing Him in to Christ.

I like to think of it as the daddy that is teaching the little girl to ride a bike.  He knows what is going to happen, probably a little pain before she "gets it".  As he trains and trains her to do it right there are many times he has to sit back and watch the fall.  After each fall he not only rescues her by picking her up, dusting her off, and encouraging her to ride again, but he draws her to himself, loving on her and making her feel safe and confident to try it again!

Don't you just love that!  He is not only rescuing us, but drawing us to Him all the time.  I love that!

I think it is interesting that Paul was aware enough to know his rescuing always came, but sometimes it was before the pain and sometimes after the pain!!!  He always received that Holy hug we so desire!!

Oh Jesus - thank you for your Word!!  Thank you for the rescue! Thank you  for the love and encouragement!!  I know of many, many times you have rescued me!!  Most of the time it is from myself!!!  I am my worst enemy!!  I thank you and praise You for your presence in my life!  I want to be more aware of your working in my life!!!  I feel like I am spinning my wheels.  Lord, you know I so desire a mentor in ministry!!!  God - would you please send that my way!!  I love you - Leigh

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