Wednesday, February 02, 2011

932 - Word from the little old lady

This is what I was talking about the other day - the thing that i didn't have to tell you!!!!

It is about me, ministry, and a little old lady!!!

Ever feel this way - or has God ever come thru for you in this way....

Cant wait to hear and rejoice with you! !

love, Leigh


Sara G said...

Wow Leigh! I know of others that God has placed a word for them through others. I believe He does speak to us through others and can make events known as well. Though not like you were given and Praise the Lord for His word for you! When I was about the age 14 (21 years ago) my parents had gone to see my grandmother in the hospital. I refused to go and I got a call from my youth pastor. I told him that my parents were not home and he was saddened by me. He told me I need to get to the hospital. There was no way for me to go and we didn't have cell phones back then. He said to me that I need to call someone to get me there. I was so puzzled by his reaction. He had called to warn my parents. A few hours later my grandmother passed away. Only through God would this man know to tell my family. I have finally learned to forgive myself for not going but I truly believe that God speaks to us through others at one point or another. Thank you for sharing! Thank Him for you!

Linda Hulse said...

Awesome, Leigh! Thank you for sharing this. The lives you touch by this one post alone will be incredible! I am happy for you!

Sharon Brumfield said...

I have known since I was a little girl that He had called me to some type of ministry. But because I had seen what it was like for my parents in the ministry....I told God no and I walked away in my mid 20's.
When I returned...I was so afraid that He had passed me by.
I went to a conference in Fla. and while there a young black woman came and sat beside me during worship. Lost in worship she actually hit me while lost in her worship of the Lord. This little Baptist girl was tempted to judge....but something in me said...Well praise the Lord she feels free to worship Him anyway she wants. I sat there and held out my hands....asking Him (in my heart)if He still remembered me just to reach out and touch me. A later someone touch me on the was the young woman sitting beside me. She leaned over and said,"I have not forgotten you or passed you by".
Do I even need to say how that hit me? There were a few more words from Him through her...I put my head on her shoulder and just sobbed. After what seemed like forever we turned in our seats and just sat there and held hands. His presence was so heavy that I almost felt like I could not heavy and yet so freeing.
It was after that that He told em that He had called me to a ministry of reconciliation. That was about 7 years ago. Once since then I doubted...and He brought another person along to "shore" me up.
I still don't know what the ministry will look like...maybe it will just be a one on one ministry. BUT..I know I am never more alive than when I am teaching about the importance of an intimate relationship with Him. It is like a freight train deep inside that is coming up and out wither I like it or not. Of course....I love it!
Keep walking.
The question I have asked myself----If all He called me to do was to minister to one person...would I be willing. :)
Yes, Lord.
I have a feeling your answer would be the same.

Donna said...

You are precious and I look forward to each of your blogs. You're ministering to me for sure. It's rare to find someone who loves God's word like you do.

I don't pray for a word so I don't have an experience like yours. I'm going to pray about praying for a word like that. It surely was powerful. There've been times I wanted to walk out the door from being a ministry assistant but the Lord stopped me by putting His hand on my head and kept me serving Him at that office and blessing me for years more. So that was a more silent "word."

Nancy Jensen said...

I got all goosebumpy listening to your story.
What a blessing for you.
Keep on keeping on, good and faithful servant.
Thanks for sharing.

Grandma Becky said...

First time I've been on your blog as it was a promo on my blogfrog side bar. So glad that you are listening to God. I have had some struggles with wanting to continue to help my husband teach children on sun. a.m. Through some teachings from our pastor in his sermons and my praying, I know God is calling me to stay faithful and continue helping with the children. It is a ministry, even if they are little children. They love having us even though it can be a stressful situation, teaching in an open room with 2 other classes in there. We teach 2nd and 3rd graders. Love the children, they are special. Hold on and keep your eyes on Him!