Friday, May 27, 2011

954 - Reliabilty Comes Before Teacher-ability....

2 Timothy 2:2 (New International Version)

2 And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.

Father, the verse above stuck out to me like a soar thumb today.  Constantly I hear the words mentor, mentee, pour into others, give back, soak up, etc. running through my head.  This verse reminds me of that.

All of our Bible studies, sermon listening, dvd watching, cd consuming - it has purpose other than just for us.  We are to pass it on.  But according to this scripture - pass on with a purpose and pass on purposefully!

We pour into others whom will learn and grow from our own learnings, but also pour into others that will teach others.  It is almost may not be completely beneficial to invest in ones that just sit and soak.  We want to invest in those that are reliable with what they are taught and those that also will take and pour into another!!

Too often we see people, myself included at one time, dieing to be teachers, but not willing to be sold out to the learning and training of another!  We must find ourselves reliable to what has been taught and then move on to the teaching.  Do the homework first before spreading the "learned".

I hear you Lord - I hear you!!!  May my reliability increase before my borders of teaching expand!!  Do Your work, Lord - please!!

Oh Glory - what a night and morning.  I had a huge jewelry party and man was it ever a big hit.  It wasn't one of those kind where you listen to a talk and then order from a book - this was one where you make it and take it - FUN FUN!!!  My friend, Malea, and I EACH got $250ish in free product because the show was so good.  We had a ton of fun and it was just the perfect evening!  You can find this jewelry and my new friend/owner on Facebook, Kristie Brinkley at Silver Chics.  FUN!

My sweet and ever so patient friend Andrea and I went running this morning.  She is way better shape than me (you cant get in much worse shape than my 20 extra pound body though) and is being patient as I try to work my way up to her status.  I wont get to her "shapeness" cuz she is a fast runner, but if i can get to not having to walk that will be good.  Thanks girl!

Today we are preparing for a long weekend of baseball.  We leave early tomorrow for O'Fallen.  Tucker has a cagillion games with the Bullets team.  I pray he plays better than last week.  It takes him a good long time to get through first gameS jitters.  Like 5 games or so!  But Coach Winter got his swing back to proficiency and so hopefully we will see results!  

I am excited for warm sunshine and good friends!!!  Need that self-control!!  See you Monday!  

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