Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Talking Sex with my kids

I dont think this needs any explanation - ha ha


Kate said...

I wasn't going to watch 'cause I don't have kids (or sex for that tmi-wait, no it's not, it should be expected), but...well, I just adore you & your vlogs. If I ever have a Sarah experience ('cause woo...I'm getting up there), I think I will make a fun trip out of it. :)

Cynthia said...

Great Idea for broaching this subject with your kids...Get 'em away from home to avoid their getting distracted by their TV show or video game...and then let em have it! Also makes it a rite of passage for them and thus anticipated and looked forward to.

Theresa Miller said...

This is a wonderful approach. Thank you for sharing it! My oldest daughter is just turning five and I want to be thinking NOW how we will go about this. I hope to have age appropriate conversations with her along the way (Wondering if you also have had those). But, this sounds like a special bonding time for mother/daughter. Thank you!