Friday, July 22, 2011

Deaf Man Worship

Too inspiring to not repeat!!! Thank you Jesus!


Donna New said...

We have a man at church who is mentally challenged but he can worship. Some people say a little about it because he has one volume...loud. But I say he's singing with all his heart and at least he's on key. So I love to have him sit next to me. He's a precious man with a big heart and smile.

I must say ours is a church that participates in worship. No dancing in the aisles but we enjoy raising our hands and singing and clapping. I'll be praying for your church. To me there's no better experience than to worship with all your heart.

Keirstin said...

I found your blog from I love what you have to say! This vlog was so true about if everyone strived to worship like that man did.

fuzzytop said...

Great post Leigh! I loved your point about each person's praise being different, but yet we are commanded to praise Him. God knows our hearts, and the strength of our affection and praise.