Tuesday, September 27, 2011

He said, "Destroy"!!

Is your place of refuge also a place where your enemies are destroyed?  I think that is a pretty cool idea!!  I can think of all kinds of places that I go to seek refuge.  There are certain friends houses I would go to.  There are even certain ones I would call on the phone.  I know I can always go to my momma's house.  I count it a huge privilege to cuddle up with my hubs and find refuge!  But even at the safest times these places make me feel, I'm not sure any have the power to just speak and destroy my enemy!

I find great refuge on the alter of my church and in prayer services on Wednesday nights.  These are places where great power reside!  I know I can go to the Lord at any time and at any place, but these are the Lord's and I feel so much closer to the Him in these places.

However, I do not have to be in a church to find refuge AND for Him to destroy my enemies!  I don't even have to be in prayer at that very second when enemies are taken down.  I believe the Lord is fighting for me...always.  He is constantly destroying things set out to annihilate me.  And He is doing this with just words!!  "Destroy"!!!

Deuteronomy 33:27

New Life Version (NLV)
27 The God Who lives forever is your safe place. His arms are always under you. He drove away from in front of you those who hate you, and said, ‘Destroy!’

Take rest in that - seek confidence in His refuge!!!  Tell Him out loud so the defeated one can hear!!!  You believe in His destroying words and appreciate it as well!!!

Friends - there is power in His words - so much more than we realize or will possibly ever realize!!!  Say His words, share His words, and live His words!!

Our softball and baseball teams won last night!!!  Oh Lord - may they have the same success again tonight!!!  We are praying for State Bound teams!

I love you Lord!!  

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Anonymous said...

What a great reminder this morning! Thanks for sharing, Leigh. I'm super jelly of all that baseball going on up there ;) Y'all have fun!