Friday, November 18, 2005


Good Morning Lord! Today you brought me to Ps. 42:5. It is a verse talking about being "downcast" and "disturbed" my translation says. I do not know that much about depression, but I do know that it is very real. I went through one time in my life that I can only describe as a fog. I was going through life, but not living. I came to find out that I had a hypersensitivity to progesterone and the birth control I was on was causing depression in me. It was amazing that after just being off the meds for one week I could see the light and see hope again. I hated that feeling and can not imagine going through that without a medical reason to blame.

But there are also times in our lives that for whatever reason God allows us to go to the pit and then requires us to climb out only through His power! But in looking at this verse here is another remedy for depression - PRAISE!!!! "Put your hope in God, for I will YET praise Him, my Savior and my God." I see that the author is praising the Lord YET through it all. It is the praise that can enable us to begin the crawl out of the pit, I think, because we are reaching for that hope, the HOPE that can heal and sustain, and bring light!! Thank you for this word, Lord. Thank you for this revelation. Thank you for not taking me to that pit just yet. I will praise you yet and I will praise you through it all!

I wonder does everyone have to go to the pit of depression? Does everyone have to go through something such as that? I wonder if it can just happen or if it is usually associated with sin. Sometimes I think we sometimes want to make it a medical thing when it started out as a sin thing and then our bodies and minds decayed into the pit. The end result is depression. I know that is very rough to say and very rough to admit if one is in the midst of it, but could it be. My psychology profs said that we could never separate the mind and body. How we think directly affects how our body performs!! I don't know, I am just thinking out loud!

Lord, thank you for another ordained day by you. thank you for the opportunity to see you work. be with Sarahjane as she performs in her Thanksgiving program. Give her confidence. Allow Emmajoy to stay focus at school and be a smiling face of JOY! I pray Elleigh does not hit her friends! Oh please!! Teach Tucker to be bold in school and to recall all he leans each morning as he studies Your Word! Praise the Lord! What a kid! More than anything I pray you protect Clay on the road. Give him favor with clients and much success. He has a conviction right now to help, I pray you be specific in his life and give the peace to obey - BIG!! I love you Lord - increase m faith and help me to believe. Be with friends that are in the pit and enable them to climb!! Let everything that has breath, Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praise and bless you, Lord!

love you!!

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amy said...

Wow, so encouraging to read. Remind me to tell you about your entry Will we go? and how it stretched literally across the country. God is so cool, you will love this! Talk to you soon, love you. Thank you for speaking truth.