Monday, November 21, 2005

Thanksgiving and Christmas

This post finds me at somewhat of a frustrating time. This always happens at the holidays. Where do we go and when do we go and how do we go and who do we go see. UGH!!! It is so hard to get everywhere and please everyone and do all that we are expected to do. Since Thanksgiving is such a short vacation last year Clay and I stayed home and it was so great. We hosted kids from the US Naval Academy and had a blast. I did miss seeing my family and all and Clay's, but it was great for the kids to get to see some other outstanding individuals! I mean these kids are the cream of the crop!! Wow! So this year finds us doing this again and we are in trouble with family. It will all work out and we all have had to give and take a bit, but it has come together and we will all get to see everyone. It is just so hard trying to please everyone once you are married and then throw kids and Santa and any kind of traditions in the mix and it is almost no fun!! But it will all come together!!

This morning I studied about the times that God blessed the Israelites so much and yet they would forget Him and find themselves in some serious sins. Ps. 106 God would reprimand and then welcome them back with open arms. He is just that way. Praise the Lord. There are so many times in my life God blesses with with whatever and I find myself then neglecting Him because of those very blessings. The most obvious in my life is kids. We prayed for them, well maybe not all of them ha ha!, and then because I get so caught up in life and things with kids and no sleep days, I begin to neglect the very One that can give me strength to make it through those sleepless days!! Oh why do I do that??? Or God has given us a beautiful home and I find myself doing more for it than I would for someone in greater need. Or God has blessed me with a speaking gift. and I might get caught up in making sure I look right, sound right, and even smell right - hee hee. but seriously, I will forget to pray fervently about the very ones coming to be touch by Him who is doing the real speaking!! Oh I will pray for them, but I find myself praying more of me and my responsibility!! I don't like that one bit!!

Father - I am taking SJ to the doctor today. I think that Strep has reared its ugly head in our family again. Oh I hope it stops with her. I have got too much cooking to do to be worried about all that!! But we will get by!! Tucker is doing so great in school. I pray he does well on his English test! EJ needs to pay attention more in school! Keep her focused, but don't let anyone squelch her joy!! Elleigh is such a mess!! She getting all the clothes out of the drawers and putting them on the stuff animals all the while singing "thank you Lord. I just want to thank you Lord" at the top of her lungs!! It is so precious and I am sure beautiful to Him that I dare not interrupt or get on to her for getting all those clothes out. She is so enjoying herself!! Keep Clay safe traveling and give him lots of times to share your love!! I need to get writing!

I love you Lord! Be all over this house and keep us focused!!

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