Thursday, November 17, 2005

Hello! Was having my quiet time this morning and was looking at all the times that God remembered folks and then performed a huge thing for them. Not that He forgot, no never, but that when they cried out to Him He came to an immediate rescue! I love it!
Well, as prompted by my Believing God series, I have been thinking about all the people in my life that have been so kind to not forget me and have had major influence in my life - these are separate from family of course. The first one that come to mind is Mama Sally. She took me to church every time my own family was not going. She was so loving and loved me like her own. She was wonderful! Another is Keith Brown that actually led me to the Lord. It was during VBS one summer and I remember my friend Kathryn Kenderdine had just gotten saved as well. I know in the church I wanted to be just like Angie Reagan, the music minister's daughter. She sang like and angel. I will never forget Dr. Lightfoot (I think that was his name) that made me feel special by giving me a "special name, Leegaha!! That was always so wonderful. My home church at that time, Southside Baptist Church in Palestine, TX. made a huge impact on my life positively for Christ!

I wanted to be there all the time because of the vast amount of love that I felt and the incredible joy on people's faces and hearts! They taught me to love Jesus and to really trust Him because His people were so safe!! Thank you to all those that I will never have the chance to say thanks in person! Wow - you have touch me so!

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JMVeasey said...

Hey Leigh! Just wanted to say that I'm glad you're an official "blogger". We were wanting to trick you in some way and tell you something untrue about blogging, but Amy was too scared.=) Anyways, just wanted to say that I love reading them, they're always so encouraging!! Amy and I are addicted.......In a good way, I could quit cold turkey at any moment. =) Hope you're having a great week! -Jamie