Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Writing on the beds!

A few years ago I walked into my daughter's room, SJ, and found she had written on the bedspread with a brown marker. Her bedspread is a pink and white ballerina quilt looking thing. So needless to say, the brown was very obvious. I scolded her for doing that but was never sure if she was really the one that did it and when she did it. Of course she acted like she had no idea how it got there and no recollection of the event. She pleaded the 5th! Ugh!!!!!!!

Well, I walked into Tucker's room last night and saw that he had written on his bedspread with a permanent marker. Since he is older and reading, I knew it was his writing. It said, "I love my God". I did not like he had done that. But I did like what it said!! Should I punish, should I say anything at all. I mean he is 7 and knows better than to write on things like that. What was he thinking. But exactly that, what was he thinking. I am still unsure of what to do!

I want my kids to love their God and not just my God or my faith or their dad's. It was such a great thing that he wrote, just wrong location. Duh! But how can I insure my kids do love their God? I know I have to show them God is so worth loving and living for. I have to have faith that is a "I want that kind of faith". I do think they see that, but can they internalize it and hold on to it forever??? Can they get real with Jesus and keep Him up close and personal? Only time will tell!

Also, the other night Tucker was practicing his karate moves. All of a sudden he stops and says that he needs to meditate for a minute! Ok, I held my cool, but my head about spun off!! I asked him to explain what meditate was and what it was used for. Side bar - Clay and I pretty strict on what Tucker watches. After he has grown out of Clifford and things like that, there is not much for boys other than constant fighting and new age spiritual stuff. We have inspected many things and have decide that he could watch Shalven Showdown. It was not, in our eyes, as bad as pokeman, yugio, all that crud! - So Tucker goes on to explain that he needed to meditate a little bit to slow down and regain his power. I asked where he had seen that. of course being a bright boy, he said he made it up because he knew there was about to be a show he was no longer going to be watching! But I am just a tad bit brighter and know he did not think of that on his own!! I kind of dropped it and spoke to him later after the sissies had gone to bed.

I told Tucker we had to be different than the world. We even had to be a bit different than most Christian families. God has placed Daddy in a leadership position of teaching SS at church and put momma in a leadership position of speaking to women all over the place. We have higher expectations than just being good. God has granted us much responsibility and He expects much obedience! We will give it to Him, no doubt! So something that is just slightly ungodly will not be accepted in the house or in their eyes. We will hold the kids to a higher standard regardless of what position God puts us in. Why is it so hard... it is suppose to be!! That would be the defeated one's way!! Ugh!


amy said...

Hey girl! I was wondering if you could remind me of when you are speaking in Washington is it the 2nd or the 6th? I'm not sure why those two dates are in my head, perhaps its neither one..haha...let me know! I'm praying for you guys over Thanksgiving, that is really cool about hosting kids from the Naval Academy. I'm so glad I know you guys. Love ya!

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