Friday, January 27, 2006

Mary Mary! Why you Buggin'

Oh Lord, I come straight from your Word and am just amazed at its power. I am studying the beginning part of Luke when both Elizabeth and Mary have found out they are pregnant! Mary jumps up and "runs" over to Elizabeth's house - about 60 miles away. I am just blown away as the conversation of the 2 women.

Mary walks in the room and Elizabeth knows immediately that there is something wonderful going on within Mary. And then Elizabeth proclaims that the Lord has done a great thing in her life and is just so impressed. She calls her blessed and is just excited for her. How often does that happen between to girls. I am seeing that take place with some of my college girls right now. Some are getting married and some are going to seminary and some are working. But one sticks out like none other. Angela is so happy about her calling to missions for 2 years, but is even more happy for what is going on especially in Blair's life. She wants to be involved in every details of Blair's wedding and is so excited to do and hear about all the details! Yes, I am sure Angela would love to be where Blair is, but this is not what the Lord has for Angela right now. Instead of being jealous and uptight about her plan the Lord has for her, she is showing joy and excitement of Blair. It is such a precious thing!! But I must say - rare!

I love the "Magnificat" - Mary's song. I think we think of a very somber Mary, but I see a jumping screaming, giggly Mary. She is only 13 or 14 remember! She is praising the Lord and giving Him all glory. Maybe even for this one minute, she is not afraid of her future and not afraid of what God is doing or even doubting! She acknowledges her humble state and how God has noticed that. She knows that she is just a plain and simple committed Jewish girl that for some reason God chose to bless and bring Life through...

Lord, how I pray you can find something in my life and my college girls, single girls, and friends that you will would see fit to do an amazing work in our lives. Lord, may you use us all to extend your Kingdom and to exalt your Name! I pray you find us faithful and ready for the tasks. May we be so pleased and praising the Lord at the ways You chose to use each of us. Bind the works of jealousy and release your love and devotion to only You!!

"Blessed is she who has believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished." Luke 1:45. Lord, I believe and I pray what you have spoken over my own life will begin to see fruit and come to fruition! Do it Lord, do it now and may I please see Your glory! Use me, send me, do whatever you want! For Your Glory Alone! Waiting on the 5. Thank you!

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