Monday, January 30, 2006

Speak Brother Speak!

Dear Father, I am in Luke 1:64ff looking at Zechariah's Benedictus. But the most important part that I was struck by was the result of obedience, but this was more like forced obedience.

Zech. was in the temple last time I heard from him and the angle had appeared to him stating he would have a baby. His response was one of not that much faith and the Lord shut his mouth until the baby arrived. He was given no other instructions than "you will name him John". (13) Pretty harsh it seems. But God meant business and He didn't want there to be any other way for His glory to be revealed and no glory taken from our Savior. So He shut Zech.'s mouth so that everyone would wait and see!!

But as we move on the verse 64 we see that immediately when there was an act of obedience God reversed the discipline and now could reveal His glory! The controversy was over naming the child. Zech. had been told what to name him in the temple and now it was his turn to show his faithfulness to the Lord and stand up for his wife's suggestion. His name is to be John - end of discussion. Then "he began to speak, praising God" (64).

I am so in awe of how after obedience God immediately blessed him with his voice back. Lord, how many times do you want to bless my life if I would respond to your promptings with immediate obedience in full faith and confidence you're going to complete it. But sometimes you must withhold the blessing or keep me under much discipline until I act the way I should!!

Forgive me Lord as I have seen this is in my life just this past Friday. It was ugly and I seek your redemption and grace! Thank you for your tender mercy - splagchnon!! How beautiful is that, that you feel for me!!

I love you my Lord!

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