Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Can you imagine God actually writing in the Bible that He viewed you and your spouse as "upright in the sight of the Lord". Being married, I know that statement above is much easier for one person to be described that way, but a couple, that is amazing!

Our Sunday School is about to embark on another marriage series. I wish they could understand their individual walks with the Lord are the utmost crucial ingredient to a successful and fulfilling and wonderful marriage!! Nothing else!!

I have began my new study on the life of Jesus and we start out studying Zechariah and the birth of John the Baptist. Long before God reveals He is going to bless this couple with a child, they are faithful in their duties unto the Lord and are walking the walk as hard as it may be. Being Jewish in that day with no kids was as much like a curse than anything. It was reason although not a godly one for people to look at you and judge all your ways to determine why God had not blessed you yet with children.

Isn't that how we do it today as well. When there is no possible explanation for a "missing" blessing we are quick to label ones obedience, lack of obedience or past sin as reason for Him mot moving in their life just yet. But it very well could be God is waiting for the perfect time so that His glory is more greatly seen...

Marriage, my favorite tangible blessing of all, is tough. I do not always follow the Lord closely and Clay strays as well. But we are striving and we are pushing towards Him. There is real evidence in our lives we are making every effort and strive to be more like Him. We are not just floating along in hopes of hitting the right spot. Please please don't you think I think we have arrived or are certainly not perfect, but there is evidence we are moving toward a godly goal. So many people get into marriage thinking it will just happen. It doesn't! It takes work and if a person does not see any fruit, more than a desire, more than I want this, more than good relationships, more than I am trying, more than consistent church attendance, etc. then don't get into it. Yes, He can move and yes He will do everything possible to make it work, but why jump into something, the most precious decision of your life, without seeing solid evidence of Him moving! It is too hard for one to be mediocre in the marriage!

"Upright in the sight of the Lord" did not happen overnight. Zechariah had waited his whole life to burn the incense and pray for the nation - his priestly duty. There was no mess-ups. There was no laziness, there was no uh ohs, it was dedication and fruit of that - an upright life that was so evident and strong that it was mentioned in the Word!!

I feel like I am having a tough time getting my words out this morning. But my friends, marriage is more than just loving a man to death, more than just hoping he turns the corner to great leadership, more than just attending church weekly or even multiple times throughout the week, more than just... It is about marrying one that is "upright in the Lord" and with fruit that is easily visible by you and all those around! Anything less in your walk or in theirs makes for a really tough marriage in already a really tough world in something that is really tough in the most perfect conditions.

We are all worth His best!!!


GregB said...

Came across your blog today and think this post is great. Where do you guys fellowship?

Leigh Gray said...

We are in Charlotte, NC at a huge mega church. My husband teaches a Sunday morning adult class. It is a huge place, 17,000, but the small SS classes make it feel more like fmaily. I do miss a small church when i go to different places speaking and all. I love small churches!!