Friday, March 17, 2006


"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Luke 12:34

Dear Lord, I looked up the Greek translation of "treasure" and found to really no surprise it means to store something up, or a storeroom. So I know in the store room is where I will find my heart, but where do I find my storeroom. Where do I find my treasure?

Is this a thought life, is this a closet, is this a motivation, is this an action - what is my treasure Lord? I guess the first place I could look is where I spent the vast amount of my time. I would say I spend a good amount of time right in front of the computer doing P31 things, writing blogs, networking and marketing, talking with friends, and writing. But then again, I spend a good amount of time, but not nearly the majority cleaning this big old house. Why did we buy such a big house? My oh my!! But then I know I spend the majority of my time taking the kids here and there, making their meals, washing their clothes, playing ball, reading to them (Oh if I had a penny for every time Elleigh brought me a book during the day), and just hanging out as Elleigh calls it. She says, "I hanging with momma". It is really cute!

But if my treasure is a thought life, that would have to go to thinking about the future: our future in Charlotte or elsewhere, my future as a speaker, my kids future and if they will love Jesus or not, my parents future, etc...

If my treasure is my closet - oh goodness, I am not too hip or actually a little outdated!! I am not real good at keeping up with the trends and tend to wear the same things over and over and over!

And then if my treasure is a motivation - oh goodness, I am not even sure I want to go there! What are my true motivations? Lord, work on me and reveal to me these thoughts today. Show me where my treasure truly lies and how I can make more of an investment and actually total giving of everything over to you!

Thank you for your Word and how alive it is. Thank you for answering my questions and thank you for the joy in coming to you and hearing from you! Thank you that if I put my heart in it, I can never walk away from time spent with you empty handed!! Maybe there is a treasure in that?

Fill me - mold me, make me wholly yours!

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