Monday, May 22, 2006

Back in action from the cruise

Oh Lord, my heart is hurting for the people in the land of the Mediterranean!! I can not believe how many churches I saw, gorgeous ones, that were absolutely dull inside. No signs of any Spirit living in them and just dead! I saw the place that Paul delivered a sermon and it was a stones throw from the huge ruins to all the Greek gods. It was incredible, all of it. The people were just so numb. I think they were so caught up in surviving off tourists and making a buck, that did not have time for their religion. I know I am totally casting a judgment on the small parts of the islands that I saw, but that is what I saw. There were lit candles in all the churches so I know someone came to the churches daily, but was that for religion or tourists or was it for the Lord?

The toughest part for me was being on the ship. I mean that was really hard. I don't mean being tempted to drink or anything like that... The Lord has long released me from any of that temptation. But being surrounded by such lost people. I mean the most of these people had LOTS of money - many were owners of companies. Or had just inherited companies, or merged with others or whatnot. I mean the rocks I saw were incredible! I found myself constantly sizing myself up to people that I could not in any way compare. Then the day for laying out around the pool came. Holy cow - the mass about of silicone!! I have never in all my days seen so much! I have to wonder why. I know they want to look better, but for who? Was it for their husbands? I don't think so at least from what I saw from their actions. Was it to make other women jealous? Was it to catch other men's eyes? If so, then why would a husband allow that? I am not sure I understand the boob lift thing. True motive I mean! That particular day was probably the most disappointing - it was no different than what I have seen take place at a Spring Break kind of thing except these were 40 and 50 and up year olds! Clay and I were by far the youngest!

But it was hard because I know this is the kind of thing only to smaller degree that my husband has to face daily. I love being there with Clay and I loved the experience of seeing so many incredible places, but the business aspect of it was tough! I stuck out like a sore thumb. I did not drink like them, I did not dress like them, and I did not act like them, and I did not treat my husband like them! I knew going on there my purpose was to remain different and be different and to make sure I did not look like them, but remain in a way that still allowed the love of Christ to flow and seem approachable to many. I don't think in some ways I seemed approachable because of the look on my face in sheer surprise of what I was seeing. But once I got some sunglasses and learned to pick up my jaw I was ok! I did get to talk with many about my speaking ministry. There were quite a few that asked why I wasn't drinking. I was able to tell them that I am in the ministry and that led to many other great conversations!

It was hard, it was tough, and it was disappointing in some ways, but so worth it and so good for me. I am in my church world and my husband is fighting a tough battle everyday. I know how to pray for him better and I know how to encourage him more! I see that I am called to and I see what Clay is called to at this time! I don't want to switch places with him, no way!! I am not sure I have ever been so thankful to get back in my church and feel the Spirit! Lord Jesus - it was good for me, and I see all the You ordained! Thank you for the experiences and please allow some seeds planted to be watered, etc. Please allow all those that are lost to reach out for you. Please allow them to remember something different in my conversations and even in my eyes. May there be much fruit cultivated in many ways from all that you accomplished while at sea. I love you, Lord, I do know that!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey darling, As I spoke yesterday..make no mistake..Blessings follow obedience! You have been obedient, may His blessings surround you!

Anonymous said...

You did not stick out like a sore did act differently because you were obedient to Christ. When people on that ship saw you, they saw Jesus...that is what they should have seen. Although they may look as though they have it all, you know and I both know that there is an emptiness in their lives that only He can fill...stay the way you are because that is what truly makes a difference and causes others to analyze themselves and what is missing.

Donna Green said...

Sorry about the anonymous thing, it was me!! LOL! Donna Green