Friday, May 12, 2006

It's Here

Dear Lord, I can not believe the day is here that we are actually going to Rome, Italy to get on a boat for MANY days and travel around. I have to say that I scared of the flight and I am scared of the boat. I just saw the movie Flight 93 and I have seen Titanic before. That is one reason I should never watch TV. It always come back to haunt me!

Jesus, I am asking that my kids be safe and never skip a beat while we are gone. I pray for a minimum amount of home sickness from Elleigh and that SJ will behave nicly and not be sneaking! Please help EJ to not be so dramatic and Tucker to not be so sensitive. May he hit a homerun at every game and just shine as the stars in his skills. I pray EJ school things go well and that everything runs smoothly. I can hardly believe they are getting so old so quickly and just growing up right before my eyes! Lord, I commit my kids into your hands as I have done many times and thank you in advance for taking care of them so wonderfully. Father, I praise you for the blessing of kids and especially mine! Thank you!

Lord, I pray Clay and I will have a relaxing time and we really enjoy ourselves. I am so excited to get him alone and just talk, giggle, and have a great time - that sounds like girlfriends, but he is my best friend. That is one thing we do know how to do on dates and stuff, we always laugh and have so much fun! May he get all his meetings done and be successful.

Lord, I am also excited about some time to just sit and relax with you. I am excited about not having any e-mail and am excited about just listening to you! Help me to be discipline to get up and spend time with you and to be listening for your Word. I want to receive a Word on this trip from YOU! I am still reading and praying my way through Jeremiah! I am at the point that restoration has been promised and God has even made a statement about rewarding or bringing back their success or fortunes is the exact word. I love Jer. 33:3. I need to know those great and unsearchable things that I do not know!! I am calling and crying out to you!

Forgive my sin oh Lord. It is great and does not skip a beat or let up. Sin is always there waiting to jump into my life and destroy. Help me to turn from it and be a Woman of the Word! Chapter 35 is a time where the Israelites slip up again, but God sets them straight and brings down the hammer. Lord, your compassion is always so great! Thank you!

Well, time to go and get the kids ready and myself. Be all over me Lord. May all those that come in contact with Clay and I feel Your presence and know something is different. May we be ready to share and actually DO it! Bless our time and keep us safe. Bless the kids and my parents and Clay's parents as well! Spirit guide us, Spirit infiltrate us, Spirit fill us to the brim every single day we are gone!!! May we be your good and faithful servants! I love you , Lord!

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