Tuesday, May 23, 2006

To Stay or Not to Stay!

Dear Lord, Every morning when I come to You I ask that You speak to me in Your Word and give me instruction for the day and for my life. So I have to ask what the scripture You have placed in front of me today means and what it could me for my family and life?

I am still reading through Jeremiah and really enjoying it. It does have a lot of repetition, but that is what I need. Say things over and over so that I get the message! Some day I will smarten up!

So right now in Jeremiah I am at a point where God is telling the people to stay where they are and He will protect them from King Neb. A bad King, but one that HE put in place for many reasons. Well there are a few people that do not trust what Jeremiah is telling them from the Lord. One guy made a big mistake and went somewhere where he was not suppose to go and it caused a whole slew to be killed. So now there is a very small remnant left in Jerusalem. (That is if I understand it all right.) It could have been many more saved, but no!

So no Jezaniah and the people have wised up to a degree and are pleading with Jeremiah to tell them the next step to their lives according to what reveals to Jeremiah. In Jer. 42:3 it states, "Pray that the Lord your God will tell us where to go and what we should do." My my, have I heard those very words come out of my mouth so many times. Lord, please tell us where we are to go and what we should do. I think I probably pray those exact words 5 times a day. Do we move, do we change careers, do we stay, do we move out of Charlotte? What should we do Lord??? Clay and I pray that so often!!

So after 10 days the Lord speaks to Jeremiah and He is very specific in the plans to the remnant people! The Lord tells them to stay "in this land"and He will build them up. He will make them strong and will keep them safe and will make them prosper, etc. And He adds that if they do go back to Egypt they will be destroyed and harm will be theirs! From the little knowledge that I have, Egypt represents the land of comfort, the land of plenty, the land of "knowing familiar", the land of disgrace, the land of slavery, the land of no God. Is that right my Lord? Vs. 19 "Do not go to Egypt."

And if you can believe this, they went. After having such a promise of blessing placed on them for staying and a sure curse of destruction, they went back to the land of comfort and familiar. At least there they knew the things would not be as hard and not be as tough on them - of course except for the Lord destroying them! Jer. 43:7 "they entered Egypt in disobedience..."

Lord, what is this saying? Are you speaking to my specific situation? Is Nashville a land of familiar, do we stay in Charlotte, do we go to a place to get more clarity on our passions, what is it Lord??? Please continue to speak. I am listening!! Or is this speaking about my ministry situation? Do I stay where I am - a non-pursuing time and just laying low allowing you to make things happen? Don't want to go to Egypt and run over anyone!! I will do that!!! Yes sir!

Lord, my ears are so open!! Filter them and only allow Your Words to enter in!!! Protect me from satans lies! I love you Jesus!!! I am so excited to see You laying things out before me!! This is the coolest thing ever!!! I will trust in you!! Speak to Clay in his own way and may we be on the same page. I love you, Lord!

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