Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Lord Jesus - I need your "Now Wisdom" as Beth Moore talks about. There are "ends" in my life that are needing to come about and yet words are blocking the way. Can you please give me wisdom on how I am to do things and how I am to word things and how I am to end things? I need to get past all this and I truly believe You are wanting me to move on!!! Lord, give me your words!

I am right at the tail end of Jeremiah! The final chapters are warning to all these different nations about how destruction is coming and those need to beware! It has been a great book! Of course!

Lord, how do I know if I am looking too deeply into something? I know I am to rely on Your word and I am to rely on Your Spirit, but how do I know if I am making more of something than is really there. I think some call it - reading tea leaves...

Jesus - I want to do Your will, I want to speak Your truth, and I want to bring You glory alone. Please give me wisdom, insight, and knowledge. Thank you for this time in my life. I praise you through this storm! I trust in You! I love you!

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