Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Restoration Complete

Heavenly Father and Lord,

Praise Your Holy Name. I have come to the point in Jeremiah that restoration has been made! You have taken the people out of exile and promised then a bright future. You then go on to say how much You love and would never forget them. It is such a beautiful thing. Your compassion is incredible. Jeremiah 31:19-20 are just amazing. Thank you and praise Your Name!

Lord, I think there are times in our lives that we could constantly seek restoration as we fail you often, daily, and to great degrees. I know I have done that much and I want to seek restoration with You. I know You do have a plan for my life, a plan to prosper and not to harm and I am excited to live that out and to be used. But I know there are some things first that need to be dealt with and discipline must come before restoration. Jer. 31:18-19.

Lord, would you please show me what my restoration plan looks like in your mind? It was 70 years of exile for the Israelites, what will it look like for me? Would you please be so clear and would you please allow me to not question if it was your voice? I want to know so I can "get on with it" as Beth Moore says. I know I need to be emptied of me and filled with You! That is Your will and that is what pleases You!

I have to say Lord, I am excited for the future. As hard as this time in my life might be right now, I know the hardest part is over. You are too faithful for me to be scared, worry, and even mad at this time. I am excited to see my new look, my new outlook, and my new thought processes. I want the mind of Christ! Do your thing, Lord and make sure I am awake and learning!

I love you, Amen!

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