Friday, May 26, 2006


Lord, I sit here kind of giggling because I remember back in college when my best friend would tell me about a little boy that she cared for talking about David and Goliath. The little boy would get so excited as well as my friend telling the story describing how David would take his "swing-shot" and kill that big boy Gowiath. The cutest part about it was hearing my friend Suzanne saying the words as the little boy did. No "r", no "L", and no "s". I will never forget that!

I also have started a new book today called A Tale of Three Kings, A Study on Brokeness. I am also reading the scripture about David as I go along. When Samuel anoints David he pretty much immediately grows up just a bit and gets to work for the King Saul. And then before you know it we are at the story of Goliath.

I do not have a lot of time this morning to go into detail the things the Lord showed me because we have an end of the year school party here this morning! Then as we finish that we pack up and go to Tennessee for the weekend! I am excited to see some old family I have not seen in a long time!

But I love how David was very vocal about how he would fight the battle, or better yet how the Lord would fight the battle for him and bring victory. He was so young and naive and Faith-filled!!!!!, he knew nothing else. He had seen what God had allowed him to do in the past with bears and lions that He knew God would help him come through again. I also love that he was confident in the way God had equipped him and was willing to be used in that strength! Lord, there are times in my life that I try to do more and more things instead of just sticking to the ways you have equipped me and concentrate on that. I want to be more than You have made me to be. I have tried sewing because everyone else was doing it and very well I might add. So I wanted to become a sewer. I had not time nor the talent... It came to an end real quick. Or I wanted to be a singer. Yes, you have given me a small talent for singing, but I was ready to go to the end of the world with it. Just Joking - ha ha. But as far as that, my real gifting is in speaking and that is what I do well in Your power. I need to be ready and available when the time comes. I hope that I am.

David knew how God had used him in the past and stuck with what was a sure thing. Yes, there are times that God leads us to new things, but when defeating the enemy - use the obvious. Claim Him as your fighter and the Victor! Claim and shout out His scripture so that all will hear in whom your trust belongs. Stick with the only true and faithful defense when at war with our enemy!

Lord, thank you for the ways you are just allowing things to happen. In my resting time, you are just doing amazing things. Keep me in check Lord Jesus and don't allow me to stray. Keep meeting with me every morning and reveal great and new things to me. Keep me teachable and amazed at your Word! Keep me humble and surprised by your grace and mercy. Thank you for sweet hugs and gentle nudges! I love you my King!

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