Tuesday, May 30, 2006

You Blessed Me!

Names have been changed to protect the "blessors"!!

I am overwhelmed with emotion!! There is a friend of mine that is the most giving person I have ever heard of. Everyday she comes home from work she puts all her changed that day in a cup - a big cup!!! When the cup fills up which usually takes 2 months, she calls up someone that has blessed her life and takes them to dinner with that change. She said it was her way of giving back and having a great time doing it!!

So, I got the call. She had come to one of my speaking events and God really spoke to her on some things. So since I was the one speaking those things from the Lord to her - I always wonder what I had said that spoke to someone, sometimes, most of the time, I don't even remember saying those things and they were not in my notes either, very cool!!! - so she called me up and we are going to dinner tonight.

We are going to a real nice place!!! Mexican or Spanish maybe I should say. She gave me lots of options, and so luckily I chose one that she had never been to either!! I am really pumped and Clay is excited for me too.

This is the coolest thing ever!! Lord, I know this is your way of blessing ultimately!!! Thank you!

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