Saturday, June 03, 2006

Cornerstone Baptist in Charlotte, NC

Oh Lord, I am going to speak at Cornerstone Baptist today for a ladies morning brunch. I am really excited because I think I will know more people there than I actually think that I do. It is really a growing church and has been doing some great things of recent!

I feel you giving me the go ahead to offer an invitation. Lord I pray for those that you have prepared to respond. Give them courage, confidence, and conviction! If there is anyone there that needs to get something straight with you, Lord I pray that you will give them motivation to do so.

Lord, I pray for the words that you have ordained to come out of my mouth. Guard me from my thoughts and my opinion! Allow to only speak Your truth and for your Glory alone.

Thank you for Ps. 25:11-13!!! I love your Word!


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