Monday, June 19, 2006

Turn the Page

Dear Lord and Savior!

You are turning another page in my married life and I am excited to see what is in the next chapter. Clay and I resigned from teach adult Sunday School yesterday. It was not hard to actually do it, but the decision was a really tough one. It was really Clay's to make since he is the one that did most of the teaching, but still he was kind enough to get my full-support one way or another.

The next chapter does not have to be all good things. I mean I am not trusting You to just bring good things to us and new and exciting upbeat adventures, but I am trusting you to guide us through and take us through the next chapter whatever that holds. You will not just be there hovering around us, but You will be there pulling our hands and pushing on our backs. Or at least that is what I beg. I pray more than anything You will see complete, unbegrudgingly obedience from us, but if not, please push and pull and move us in Your directions and in Your will! We do not want to get one step away from Your leading. Please, Lord!

So, what is the future, I don't know. Could it North? Could it be another Main class? Could it be college/singles? What is it Lord? I think more than anything you want us to clear our plate so that nothing is pulling on us to make the next decision. Sometimes You require a complete abandonment to all before you reveal the next step. That revelation could easily take months or even a years. Your time is not my time I do know that!

I pray my mouth/words match my/our heart and true devotion. We want to be in Your will and want to respond to whatever it is. Make it clear. Speak loudly, I mean really loud to Clay about the future! I will trust in what he decides because that is my job as a wife of a man that is truly seeking You!

Romans 15:5-6 This is my prayer for us as a couple! 5 May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you a spirit of unity among yourselves as you follow Christ Jesus, 6 so that with one heart and mouth you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Give us a Spirit of Unity as we follow You!! I love you Lord!

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Blair Weddington said...

From Blair...Leigh I can honestly say I see the Lord's hand all over this. As I vacationed with my new hubby it really allowed me to have some intense prayer time and you and Clay were a part of that. I can't imagine what all these changes in both of your lives is doing...but I sense that the Lord is up to something BIG and He is going to bless radical obedience (I heard that somewhere once and thought it was pretty good...hehehe) I love ya'll so much and know I have ya'll in our prayers as you both are seeking His will! Lets all do dinner soon! Love you!!!