Monday, July 17, 2006

Living on a farm

Praise you Lord. We had an absolutely wonderful weekend and I just thank you so much for it. It was hot, but boy was it fun. Tucker had games on Saturday and some moms and I prayer walked the field before the game. It was incredible and so neat. I loved it. We had us some church right there in the midst of the field and it was roughly 98 degrees. The boys won their first game and only lost the second one, 5-0. That really is a victory in and of itself. That team is incredible and we did great to hold them to that! I was proud of all the boys and I must add Tucker had his best 2 defensive games of the season. We asked that the boys do things that they were not capable of doing, and guess what - YOU came through! Oh it was so great. We then got a sitter, Ms. Holly, to watch the girls as we went to a baseball game, single A. That was a ton of fun too! You brought a storm through just before the game and really cooled it off. Tucker and the team were able to run out on the field with the team and meet the players that played their position! I have to admit I was having visions of grandeur. ha ha!

This was the last time Ms. Holly will be able to baby-sit for us. She is moving off to go to seminary. I am so proud of her and so excited for her! She has a load of blessings just waiting for her there! Protect her Lord. Thank you for allowing her to pass her NCLEX (nurse test) on the first time. That is not a normal thing. It takes many people 2, 3, 4 times! Thank you!

I received from You this morning with some interesting scripture. Isaiah 28:23-29. It is a scene were God is actually telling those how to farm certain seeds. There are seeds that have to be handle in certain ways or they will be destroyed, at least harmed. I like the first verse - it was like You were grabbing my attention. "Listen up girl, hear what I have got to say and pay attention" I hope my ears are open. I hope I am able to hear the real message. I hope that I can apply it to my heart and know what you are saying.

I think what you are relaying to me is that we have to handle all people in very different ways. We have to know how to speak with ones that might be more sensitive, we have to know when to be direct, we have to know when to hold off on telling all details, we have to know when to discipline and when to encourage... There are friends I don't mean to hurt, but I can just by not staying in contact. I do not mean to not stay in contact, but just the way my life lends itself. BUT, that is an excuse if I have ever heard one! I need to be more mindful of that. I need to be more mindful that all people can have hurt feelings even when I think they will understand or grasp my drama. All people get hurt some of the time. No one is immune!

As I go about my day - help me to watch my tongue and help me to do the things that positively impact my kids. They are the ones that are directly affected by my words the most at this time in my life. Let me do and say the things that are best for them. Let me remember those that are affected by my words and actions. Allow me to follow you in word and deed, but be mindful of those around. I do find myself at times running over ones in my path of obedience. He does not mean for me to do things that way. I get so focused on obeying that I sin in the process. Now how crazy is that!! I sure don't know anything about farming, but I am even more pleased that you have written out all the instructions! Oh Lord, You certainly have some work to do! Do Your plowing! Thank you for speaking! I love you!

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