Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Just Ask Silly!

Oh Lord, you are so good and early and earnestly I seek you! I want to find you in all Your glory and see You lifted high. Lord, I am so not worthy of Your love let alone to call You my Daddy. Thank you for your gift of salvation and for your gift of life! I treasure my days AND my nights when the kids are sleeping, hee hee! I love my time with You and how You shower down the blessings to those that pursue You with a steadfast heart! Give me more of You - make me just absolutely desperate for You and Your ways. May I walk in Your righteousness and forever be changed. I want to love you more than any relationship I have and yet allow those relationships to be beautiful because of our relationship. I am not into playing church nor playing life. It is time to lift away all the masks and just get it real with You! Do it Lord, clean me up, clean me out, and keep me in the shadow of your wings!

Monday I was praying for my friend's daughter that is in Bolivia this summer on missions. I shared with her the verse the Lord led me to in praying for her. Her mom e-mailed me back with a beautiful scripture of my own. Ps. 66:12b "and You brought us to a place of abundance." Lord, I have not been asking for you to give me more engagements in a long time. I was just kind of thinking that I was being selfish and need to lay off the request for a while. There are so many other pressing things - sometimes hard to find the word to express or even the sense to organize. But we were in Illinois and I just felt You asking me to ASK for more engagements and to be bold. Well, You only have to ask me once to do something like that - ask for something I love to do.

So I asked. When I got home there was a church invitation on my e-mail to go to Lancaster, SC. and then yesterday I got a call in the middle of Kohl's from a church in Union, SC. I don't know what it is about SC, but I am grateful they are ringing me. But the thing I notice the most is that I asked. You asked me to ask and I asked and now You are answering! Duh - You have a way of working like that!

Thank you Lord for bringing me "to a place of abundance". I know I know, You are up in Heaven seated so royally and honorably just waiting on us to ask!! I need to respectfully and reverently ask more and with more boldness. I know You long to bless all of us. One thing that pops out is an August event at Brentwood Baptist. Bring the ladies by the hundreds. Jayme was asking me to pray about that for her church. Lord Jesus, knock their socks off! You don't have to have our begging to move in such a way, but I know You love when we ask with the right heart - same as I do with my kids!

Well, we have a full day of dentist, free movies, most likely swimming and then church. Be near us God - Let me make a difference in my kids lives for Your glory! I love you, but want to love You more! Amen

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