Thursday, July 13, 2006

What Should a Leader do?

Last night at my Bible study with my singles girls, we talked about leadership and how we are suppose to approach them. We also talked about standards they are held to and the kind of critisim that comes with the territory. It was a great discussion and I really enjoy our time!

The Bible is very clear about not passing judgment, showing them an extra measure of grace, give benefit of doubt, how to approach them in Romans, 1 and 2 Timothy, and even the Gospels. I did feel some conviction on certain things like how I speak of a leader or how I even think about them or what they are doing. So, Lord, please forgive me of my impure thoughts towards those leaders and ones that are in authority over me. Help me to be a solver rather than a complainer. Help me to big enough to approach the person with grace rather than complain under my breath or certainly not find myself talking about them. I want to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. I have been the latter too often in my life.

With all that being said, I have found myself in leadership positions often. I think my parents would say I am a born leader and I do have a bit of visionary about me. I enjoy being in charge of something, but I love being part of a team more than anything. I realize the responsibility and have fallen short much of the time. I realize that being an leader immediately puts us in a position of accountability. I guess my problem lies when I see a leader - one asked to be there or not - not holding up to the standards that are required for the position whether it be ministry, church service, or even a work environment. I see too often those in charge of the big things not taking care of the small things. Like "hey i am willing to do the big stuff, but don't ask me to be accountable to Sunday School class". Or hey, "I don't mind serving on committee, but my free time is my free time". I know I too have been guilty of this. It is easy to dream big and want to do the large number impacting things, but then to do the small things that are asked of every member can be tough. But that is why we are leaders - I believe He expects both!

I guess we all have our soapbox and that is mine or my pet peeve. One thing i did learn last night is that YOU are the one that puts leaders in their position. You ordained their position whether i think they are capable to be there or not. You may very well be trying to draw something out of me, rather than me fix the leader. It was in Your plan for Bush to win, but on the same hand it was in your plan for Clinton to win 2 terms before. And Lord helps us all if Your plan is for Hillary next. But I can rest in knowing that You have ordained it and Your are sovereign.

Well, I must get going. I must do what it is that You have ordained for me today! I must clean a lot today! I will try to have cheerful heart and thankful heart. I must say that is a tough one at times when it is a cleaning day. Thank you for You love and leadership!

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