Monday, August 28, 2006

Just Be Honest!

Oh Lord, I will refrain from using names to protect the innocent, but I sure was close to killing them today. ha ha!!

I got a call today that one of my children was hurting so bad in the shoulder that they wanted me to come and pick them up so I could take them to the doctor. Now when this person was eating the breakfast sandwich this morning all was fine. The person had thrown football last night with Daddy and was warned not to throw too hard because it might stretch out his muscles and make him sore or worse. Well the teacher called and said this person of mine could not even open his books or hold his pencil. He (you know by now) was in really tough shape - or that is at least what he had everyone believing! Did I mention he was just nominated Student for the 4th year in a row on the first month of school? Yeah, I agree - maybe that needs to be rethought this year!

So after feeding the girls and running 2 errands, I rush over to the school to get him and take him to the doctor. Clay is a nervous wreck because I have called and told him this as he is getting on a plane. Good idea, I don't know, but I had to get his opinion. I walk in the lunchroom and his precious teacher is carrying his lunchbox and helping him undo everything!! I knew as soon as I saw him, he was liking this!!! I was not liking this!!! So before we go to the doctor I had to stop by the rescue place to give them the goods from the weekend. I come back to the car to start unloading and He is jumping from seat to seat playing with the sissies!! I am HOT!!! I finally tell him it is going to cost me $15 and gas to take him to the doctor. He is going to waste my time, the doctor's, as well as all the time he had already done to everyone at the school! UGH!!! Did he really want to do that??? He said, no, he would be fine, but it does hurt. Since he was hurting just a little bit now, would it be ok if he just played on the computer for the rest of the afternoon even though he was grounded from it for a week for a previous infraction! That was part of the scheme, I do believe. He wanted to play on the computer!

We went through a cry wolf episode in preschool. I thought he learned!!! So long story, just a bit shorter..........

I tell my son (the third grader!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) that our actions good and bad affect many other people. I am not so concerned as why he did all this, even though it does bother me, but I am more concerned that he understands how much he "put out" lots of other people. I just wanted him to be honest with me and tell me he did not realize it affected so many other people and that it really didn't hurt that bad - as bad as he was concerning everyone!!! He couldn't and wouldn't do it. He still stands it is really bad................... Until the doorbell rang and it was the UPS man with his new catcher's mit. All of a sudden he is so much better and wants me to go out and play pitch and catch with him!!! Forget it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So what do I learn from all this - I know it can not just be for him. Being honest and most importantly honest with yourself and the Lord!!! If you know the truth, then admit it. I know it is hard and hurts or hurts others, but it is so freeing!!! "And you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free." I know that is talking about the truth of Christ, but also the regular truth is so freeing and liberating!!! Just being able to say, I messed up, I am sorry, and I must pick up the pieces and go on. "Obedience brings blessing. Disobedience brings consequences." Angela Cottrell The consequences around here will be so great for quite a while!

Boy do Clay and I have much work to do with these kids. Will they ever get it???? I just don't know! More than anything I am the one that feels like the failure. Is that fair??

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