Friday, September 29, 2006

Want the best for you!

Lord, I know You want the best for me. Thank you for always wanting the best for me. The cool thing is that You see the best in even what I think is the worst. That is because Your perspective is much more grand than obviously mine!

This morning as I was studying my Daniel series we talked about King Nebby being contented and prosperous living in Babylon - Daniel 4:2. I can see many things in my life that resemble Babylon, this idea, and in many I find much contentment in and feel prosperous - not good. Many things I know You have just blessed us with, but You know as well as I the things we are talking about. Lord, Your message to me and Clay is so clear these last couple of months. You want us to live differently. We were even talking last night about eating differently. Now that area really gets me nervous. I like food, love it - possibly could be to the idol degree - and know that this is one area that could not be changed overnight. If I could do just one thing a month or something like that it would not kill my kids nor me. Clay could change his eating habits overnight. But I am not sure that is what You are saying. Be obedient every step of the way.

I love and yet have to question ones that say, "I just want the best for you." Or even when I say myself to whomever. Do I really want the best for them when it changes my life? Or does someone really trust my walk with the Lord when it changes things for them? Is it their place to even have any trust in that? Living in true contentment to me has not a whole lot to do with peace in my life - you know the just being peaceful sitting around, worldy kind of peace. Peace to me is living in His will and being obedient to whatever He asks. That also brings prosperity, but not one of a worldy kind.

Lord, I certainly hear You when You say, "Mine ways are not your ways. And My thoughts are not your thoughts." I am getting that and yet have a long way to go. I want Your contentment and Your prosperity - even if it looks nothing like I have ever dreamed. I want to live for You and do for You what You are asking. Being obedient is like a the most complete means of contentment that I know of. It breeds peace, joy, life.......... Keep doing Your work in me. I fly out tonight and will be back on Sunday. Keep my parents safe, keep the kids safe, keep Clay safe and rested, and be BIG in our lives no matter how far apart we are. I know You will be with me the whole way and can't wait to see Your Spirit flood the conference center!

Lord lastly - there was an area of obedience You were asking of me - forgiveness you were asking that I ask of a friend. I even felt You pierce my heart with - If You do not take care of this before you fly out, I will not come with you to Missouri. My most desperate reason for obedience is to be in right relationship with You. Of course I NEED You at all my events, but that all could end tomrorow. I need You and I right!!! Thank you for the strength of having done that. It was tough, but You were in the midst of the conversation and You made me sleep contented knowing I was obedient! Thank you for allowing me this pain and humility. Only because of it can I appreciate (at least to a small degree) not only what You have done for me on the cross, but also the contentment in my heart and the blessings of prosperity! One will never know a good, peaceful, contented day if they are all good - there has to be some bad! You are my KING!!!

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